How to Find the Right Sober Living Home


A successful substance de-addiction treatment program is expected to include recovery in a sober living home. The ideal homes are located in serene locations to provide a peaceful environment to the patients. When you live in a sober living facility you will find more freedom compared to a rehab center. You will still have to follow rules. You may also have to undergo regular drug testing.

If you want your treatment to be successful, make sure to follow these tips in finding the right sober living home.

Tips for Finding Sober Living Homes

It is recommended to follow these tips when finding the right recovery house is as follows:

  • The ideal sober house will be centrally located to the places where you have to receive therapies and counseling.
  • Look for homes where patients have been living a life of sobriety for over 30 days. It will be even better to choose one with patients having longer periods of sobriety.
  • Check and understand the rules and ensure that you can attain them.

It is recommended to choose a facility like endeavor house that is licensed and accredited. Such homes follow national standards of care. Even when a sober living community may not be an essential part of the treatment process, the benefits are critical and have long-term effects.

Who Should Consider Sobriety Houses?

Usually, your healthcare service provider can recommend the need for recovery house enrolment based on your addiction problem and past history. Some of the factors that can make it more important to include this aspect of treatment are as follows:

  • You have related mental or medical health problems
  • If you have multiple previous treatment attempts without success
  • If your home environment isn’t supportive
  • If a patient shows resistance to treatment

So make sure to follow the tips given here to find the right sober living home. It is important that it is licensed and accredited to provide quality care.