How to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair loss might be a concern at a certain age, but not everyone loses hair; mostly, the loss might be attributed to a disease or genetics. The underlying cause of hair loss will determine the effective treatment for the loss. However, you can contact experts in hair reduction in Brighton who can guide you on reducing hair loss. These home remedies for hair loss reduction can help you deal with the loss.

Eat Extra Proteins

Some people can experience hair loss due to low protein and amino acids, and you should eat enough proteins to reduce hair loss. Although the proteins can lead to reduced hair loss, there should be additional examination on the effects of proteins on hair loss.  

Take Nutritional Supplements

Supplements and vitamins prevent hair loss; although the role of vitamins in hair loss is not clear, it helps reduce hair loss. However, you can lose your hair if you lack vitamins and essential minerals. You can incorporate supplements such as selenium, vitamins A, B, C, and E, zinc, and iron as they can prevent hair loss. However, if you consider taking the supplements, it should be under a doctor’s directive.

Adopt a Mediterranean diet

Herbs and vegetables found in the Mediterranean diet aid hair loss, and it prevents androgenetic alopecia and baldness in males. Although the Mediterranean diet might seem exotic, you can find most herbs and vegetables in the farmers’ market.

Engage In Scalp Massage

Engaging in scalp massage a few minutes a day can stimulate hair growth, and the findings are promising. However, the researchers might need to study larger samples to study if scalp massage is helpful for hair loss or not.

Use Coconut Oil on Damaged Hair

Coconut oil can prevent hair loss which results from ultraviolet damage on the grooming roots, but further research might be needed to confirm the efficacy of the oil. Applying coconut oil could strengthen hair, thus preventing future hair loss.

Take Hair Loss Medications

Several over-the-counter topical medications prevent hair loss; however, you should consult the doctor before using the creams. Doctors sometimes use minoxidil to treat hair loss due to chemotherapy, and more research into the drug could be beneficial. The creams might be effective in regrowing the hair and treating baldness.

You Can Try Low-Level Light Therapy

Low-light therapy might increase hair density, but it applies to people with chemotherapy-related hair loss. More research about the low-light efficiency might be needed to determine how the treatment can work for age-related balding.

Incorporate Proper Hair Care Routine

You should wash the hair properly to prevent hair loss and keep the scalp clean and healthy.  Moreover, you can style the hair gently and avoid processing hair with harsh chemicals which damage the hair and the scalp.

The Bottom Line

Hair loss can damage your self-esteem, but you can learn how to prevent the loss. First, you can incorporate proteins in your diet and adopt the Mediterranean diet in your daily meal plan. However, you should talk with your dermatologist about hair loss and how to mitigate it.