How To Protect Yourself When Getting Fit


When it comes to fitness you need to remember that there is a fine line between healthy fitness and injuring yourself. You can easily get injured no matter what your routine is. Runners and walkers get foot, leg, and knee injuries. Weight lifters can get arm, spine, and even internal injuries.

The key to avoiding injury is to never overdo things, have a partner when you’re doing sports and workouts that could be dangerous (like weight lifting), and getting the right gear for your workout or sport of choice. Here is some of the gear you may want to consider depending on your workout of choice.

Invest In Wraps And Braces

Wraps and braces are important if you are lifting heavy items, like weights or your own body. That makes them a good investment for gymnasts and weightlifters. If you’re a runner you may want an ankle or knee brace, especially if you ever have any issues with those areas.

There are many different options in this type or item, from sizes to thickness. Take some time to find out which will work best for you, depending on your need (healing after an injury or avoiding an injury in the first place).

Consider Compression Gear

Compression gear can also be useful. Compression socks and sleeves for your legs/knees can help keep your lower extremities from feeling fatigue when you’re running or doing any other type of intense workout. Compression gear for other areas of your body, like shorts and shirts, can help you avoid chafing and blistering, as can compression socks.

Wear The Right Shoes

You need the right shoes if you want to avoid injury. Running shoes are needed for running, walking shoes are needed for walking, and cross-trainers can work for both, and are also great for some sports (like tennis). Other sports may need specific shoes.

Yoga needs no shoes. However, if you have a problem “balancing” your bare feet you can get some trusty yoga socks.

Read Your Tags

The material of your workout clothing can make a difference in your workout, in whether you avoid rashes and chafing or get lots of it. Natural materials, like bamboo, are better for your skin. Picking workout clothing with wicking abilities can help as well and will keep you dry.

Buy Props When Needed

For some workouts and sports, you’ll need certain extras that might not be obvious. A basketball to shoot some hoops is obvious. However, a block and a strap for yoga may not be as obvious but will help you get into certain poses much easier and deeper.

You may want a towel for yoga and running (to wipe away sweat), you definitely need a water bottle with a strap for wearing when you run, and a Fitbit is a great investment for those that are seriously health-minded.