How to select the right hair product for your hair


The hair on our heads is with use from the day we are born and stays with us through thick and through thin. Even though out hair is one of our most defining features many people don’t know how to keep it strong, healthy and looking its best. The confusion is understandable. Everyone’s hair is different and thus everyone’s hair needs its own special treatment.

The first thing that people should research when trying to find the best hair product for them is to figure out what type of hair that they have. Is their hair straight, wavy or curly? Is it dry or oily? Is it dyed a natural or unnatural color? All these factors have a sway over what hair product is best for each person. Below are a few helpful tips for people that want information on what types of products to use to clean their specific hair type, what products to use to style their specific hair type and products that help strengthen hair from the inside.

Shampoos and Conditioners

Using shampoo and conditioner is not just and easy way to make your hair have a healthy glow and fresh scent, it is also a great way to remove all the unwanted dirt and oils that build up along the scalp and hair over time. Shampoo and conditioner are a pair of products that should be used together to receive both their benefits. Shampoo cleans the hair while conditioner resupplies the hair with oils and moister. Using one without the other can leave hair unbalanced. While conditioners are easier to shop for, users should be more specific with their shampoos. Below are a few useful tips:

Thick Hair

A shampoo with frizz control and extra oils will help manage its natural volume.

Fine Hair

A voluminous shampoo will do wonders for fine, flat hair without allowing to much unwanted oil to build up.

Curly Hair

A strengthening shampoo will help keep brittle curls from breaking without stripping natural oils.

Long Hair

A silicone-free shampoo allows longer hair to feel as light as a feather without sacrificing moisture.

Short Hair

A daily shampoo has less cleansers than regular shampoo so short hair won’t dry out.

Color Treated Hair

A dry shampoo is the best way to remove oil without the risk of fading color. However, a color safe shampoo can also be used sparingly.

Platinum Blond Hair

A silver shampoo has the necessary to keep any yellow out of the platinum blond color.

Hair Styling Products

Having clean and moisturized hair with shampoo and conditioner is the beginning when dealing with hair products. For hair to transform into the personality that matches its owner a few other items are required. These items can help hair by increasing its shine, holding it in place or even adding a little bit of texture. A post on does a very good job describing common hair styling products.


Gel is on of the most frequently bought items for styling hair. When used right after the shower it can hold a hair’s desired position until it is wet again or combed out. It also gives the hair a great shine. Gel works best on thin and short hair but a generous supply can tame even the most wile of locks.


Cream is the preferred method to keep thick and curly hair in check without losing any natural style. This product gives a lot of extra shine.


Wax is a more recent discovery for hair control. It is not as strong as gel but gives a more natural look. It comes in satin and matte shine values and can be used with most hair types.


Pomade is either water or oil based and is used frequently to keep all types of hair moisturized all day long without making them look greasy.


Mousse is primarily used by people with fine hair due to its ability to add volume, however it works fine with any hair type.


Serum is and anti-frizz liquid that offers hair a chance to be smooth and soft.

Hair Vitamins

Sometimes what you do to the outside of your hair is not enough. Shampoo, conditioner and styling products are great hair products to help your hair but unless your it is already healthy at its core these products will all fall flat. One of the best ways to revitalize your hair is to give it what it caves most: Vitamins. Vitamins help from the root as hair grows making it stronger, shinier and fuller. is just one of the places where healthy hair vitamins can be found. Their unique combination of vitamins and minerals breathes new life into dull and damaged hair. Below are just a few of the ingredients they use.

Hydrolyzed Collagen

Hair is made up of strands of protein known as keratin. The addition of collagen adds strength to this strands and allows hair growth with fewer breaks.


MsM is a sulfur-based compound that also aids in strengthening hair. It does this by lengthening the growth phase of the hair cycle.


Horsetail is a herb that boosts the defenses of hair by letting it withstand split-ends as well as daily damage from combing and washing.

Finding out what type of hair you have and what it needs to be healthy helps you find the correct hair products to use. It is important to remember that using only one of these factors isn’t enough to have your hair be the best that it can be. Only by finding the right combination of cleanser, moisturizer, style product and vitamins will your hair truly be healthy on the outside and on the inside.