How To Tell If Your Vape Coil Needs Replacing

Vape Coil Needs Replacing

Vape coils maintain an integral part of your overall vaping experience. Not maintaining it properly may make its usage quite uncomfortable and even shorten the device lifespan.

However, one must take note that vape coils are not meant to last forever. If you clean the inside parts of an e-cigarette regularly, then you might be able to use the vape coil for a long time.

Experienced vapers know the harmful impacts a vaping coil may provide if it is used for more than its average lifetime. Hence, we have mentioned a few factors which you can easily identify to know whether your vaping coil needs any replacement.

Burning taste

One of the most perceptible aspects to indicate that your vape coil needs to be changed is when you receive a burnt taste in the back of your throat whenever you use it.

It can further make you taste pungent and overall experience quite unpleasant.

Produce gurgling sounds

Although these sounds can arise once or twice while vaping, a regular occurrence of them can indicate the presence of dead vape coils.

Remember that gurgling sounds in your vaping device is not a good sign. They indicate a red signal for you to stop using your vape mod and replace the coil.

Leakage in vape mod

There are many good reasons for your vaping mod such as e-cigarette to leak. One of them could be the worn out of your vaping coil.

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Change in the taste of the juice

When the juice of your coil tastes bad, there is a high probability for your vaping coil to be dead. If you are using the coil for quite a time, and the juice does not match with the flavour it used to have, then it is time for you to change your vape coil.

The usage time has long being over

Here the time period does not refer to the phase for which you have possessed the vape mod. But it means how often do you generally use the coil.

For example, in the case of e-cigarette, using it a few times a day might force you to replace the vaping coil every few days. Although if you are not that regular user, then you might consider replacement every week or two.

If you are quite experienced with vaping, then you can easily tell as to whether a vaping coil is bad or not. However, if you are not that frequent vaper, then the above mentioned points can easily signal for you to consider replacement for your vaping coils.