How to Upgrade your Brain and Improve your Memory


Mental skills like memory, reasoning, language, attention, learning etc. are together categorised under the blanket term of cognitive functions. These functions help in identifying, processing and analysing relevant information and subsequently applying or changing the information based on needs. Through its various skills, cognitive functions result in the attainment of knowledge. Of the various cognitive functions, memory plays a vital role in gaining and maintaining useful information obtained by the brain. Memory in different individuals varies drastically. Some of the commonly known factors that have been found to affect memory include age, stress, nutritional deficiencies and depression. Memory is also not finite or fixed entity. With the use proper training, nootropics supplements and with time memory can be improved. A number of techniques can be specifically followed with the aim of increasing memory and cognition.

Stimulating and Challenging the Brain

Just like a three year old, always keep your brain active with basic questions like “how” and “why”. Make sure to challenge the mind in new ways every day. Even small things like a new route to work, a new project or a challenging book can help keep the mind stimulated. Being involved in creative projects or playing training games for the brain can also boost working memory.

Choosing the Right Supplements

Nootropics are supplements, supplements as well as nutraceuticals that result in increased or improved brain or mental functions. They help improve cognitive abilities. They are also known as smart supplements, neuro enhancers, memory enhancers, intelligence enhancers or cognitive enhancers.

Nutraceuticals are nutrients that have specific medicinal properties. Examples of such compounds include Aceltyl-L-Carnitine and some Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Apart from this commonly consumed coffee, which is rich in caffeine can give the brain a huge boost, thereby improving short-term memory and alertness.

There are also a number of Nootropic supplements that have been found extremely efficient in improving memory and other cognitive functions. Some examples of these supplements are Neurochill, Neuroprime, Neurostim Extracts etc.

Among the various neuro packs available, the neuro formulae are one of the most trusted and widely used supplements. The supplement has been found to be extremely efficient in improving memory and concentration. In addition to this, it has also been found to increase other cognitive functions like increasing learning, augmenting focus and retention and heightening alertness. In a number of cases Nootropil administration has also resulted in enhanced sensory perception and recalling capabilities.

Apart from this Nootropil also has good clinical efficiency in cognitive disorders of the brain like Alzheimer’s, epilepsy and stroke as well as in cases of severe trauma or injury to the brain.

Those aiming for the treatment of strokes and memory loss using Nootropil for boosting cognitive functions, one must begin with low dosage, and in cases where no effects are observed subsequently increase the dosage ranging from 2000-4000 mg, two or three times a day, as per physician’s advise. But you must be vary of not taking the supplement at night, as having it would result in an active and alert brain, thus affecting sleep quality.