Important Tips About Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Your wisdom teeth may not cause any problem for you, and you may even do not feel any pain and discomfort. But most dentists agree that it is necessary to remove your wisdom teeth since they are impacted teeth that devastatingly affect your other teeth’ shape and size. Although this dental surgery may seem complex and scary, you can get along with it easily if you consider some helpful points. In the following, an expert performing wisdom tooth extraction in New Westminster explains some related points.

At first, keep in mind that getting ready before any treatment and surgery is of the essence. So, you should be ready before going for a wisdom tooth extraction. It is a good idea to consult with your dentist about any related question that has occupied your mind so that you can have a better understanding of your dental process.

Do not panic about this oral surgery since the dentist uses local anesthesia, so you will not have any pain during the process. But if you are still too stressed and worried about your surgery, it is better to talk with your dentist in this regard. Then sedative dentistry will be used to make you more comfortable and relaxed during the operation.

A few people may feel nausea, dizzy and vomiting due to local anesthesia. Besides, feeling numb a few hours after your mouth surgery is normal. The dentist may suggest you ask someone to accompany you during your surgery and take you home. 

When your wisdom tooth (teeth) has been removed, it is normal to feel some pain and swelling when the effects of anesthesia go away. This is a part of your recovery process. This problem will be faded after a few days. 

Bleeding gums is also another part of your surgery. Of course, it should be stopped a few hours after your surgery. If one day has passed, and you still have bleeding gums, it is necessary to talk with your dental surgeon. You can apply a gauze pad to stop bleeding. Ice can also be helpful as a substitute for a gauze pad. 

About your eating and drinking tips, it is highly suggested to use fluids immediately after surgery. Eating ice cream is a good choice. Then you can start with soft foods for a few days. You are not allowed to eat very spicy or too hot foods. Smoking and drinking alcohol are also forbidden. Otherwise, the healing process may last longer. 

Do not neglect to rest and relax after your surgery. It is not a good idea to do your daily routines or go back to work as soon as possible. Be patient. Just rest and relax for some days to help your healing process. 

Even about doing exercise, you should wait for some days. 

If you feel terrible pain, you can take painkillers to help you sleep comfortably. But if the pain doesn’t go away after some days, you should make an appointment with your dental surgeon pronto.