Indoor bike trainer workouts


It’s really a great idea to have an indoor bike trainer especially if you plan to continue your training on tough weathers or even just for working out at home. One of the best advantages of doing so is that you can still watch a great movie or TV show while training. However, for some people, they end up not being able to maximize their equipment as they get too focused on what they’re watching instead on their training.

Using bike trainers does a lot of help not only if you need to train hard when it’s not possible outdoors but also a good way to exercise and strengthen your body. In that matter, there are some great workout plans that you can choose from depending how used you are to your equipment and the type of resistance you can endure. While this may also require getting the best indoor bike trainer stand that you can get, the benefits are just great.

Setting Your Goals

One of the most effective ways to get motivated when working with your trainer would be the goals that you have in mind. You could be training for some competition, trying to lose weight or maybe just wanted to stay fit and strong, nevertheless, having your objectives set and clear makes the process something to look forward to and easier to achieve.

Preparing for workout

Aside from the indoor bike trainer and your bike, there are things that you have to prepare first. Depending on the trainer type that you are using, some adjustments can be made prior to your workout, you can also check on some bike trainer reviews to help you on how to manage them. You may also choose to watch on the TV or listen to music, whichever works for you would be fine.

Make sure the room is properly ventilated; you may use a fan to keep your body cool as well as your tire. Risers are also available if needed to level your bike. Prepare some towels too so that you can wipe your sweat as there would definitely be a lot, plus a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated.

Warm Up

As in most kinds of workout, warming up is very important to make sure that your body is ready for some hard work. 10 to 15 minutes of easy and fast pedaling interval is recommended. Start with 3 – 5 easy pedaling, 1 minute fast, 1 minute easy and just continue with the same intervals until you reach a total of 10 or 15 minutes. Make sure the last 2 or 3 minutes would only be for the easy one.

Workout No. 1

This is best for beginners or those who are new to indoor bike trainers and is still in the stage of developing their skills and endurance. After you’re done with the warm up, do 4 times 1 minute fast pedaling with 2 minutes intervals of easy. 10 to 12 intervals of 30 seconds fast and 30 seconds easy or you can just sit or stand.

Workout No. 2

For those who wanted to get more out of their indoor bike trainers, this workout will definitely give you more resistance and better workout plan. So 3 times of 9 minutes intervals that consists of 2 minutes steady pace, 1 minute climb, 2 minutes steady, 1 minute climb, 2 minutes steady and another 1 minute climb. After every set, do a 4 minute of easy pedaling and repeat 3 times.

Workout No. 3

For those who needs a tougher training plan especially for bikers who competes or race, this particular workout can definitely test your skills and push you harder for a better training exercise. Start with 4 minutes of 90% threshold power, followed by 3 minutes 100% threshold power then 1 minute of 115% or threshold. Do 5 minutes of easy pedaling then repeat the set backwards. Do this in 3 sets.

Alternative Options

If you do not want to go with indoor bike trainer workouts then you can try indoor cycling. First you need to find overall great spinning bikes that meet your requirements. Read indoor cycling bike reviews online and get a suitable one for your home. Indoor cycling bike workouts are effective and you can maintain a sound body with a daily 30 minute indoor cycling workout.

What not to do when doing workouts with Indoor Bike Trainer?

Do not place your trainers in an area with uneven floors; even the best bike trainers may cause accidents while doing your workouts if not properly placed. For beginners, gradually set your workout plan to easy and have a few days of to ensure that your body is able to adjust with the new routine. For seasoned bikers, exercising with your trainers should not be more than 2 or 3 hours as it is not advisable. This will cause you pain on your butt for sitting for hours and may overdo your body.

Indoor Bike trainers are also recommended to those who wanted to lose weight effectively. One of the benefits of having this at home would be allowing other people in the household to use the equipment as well for whatever purpose they need. Also, never forget to include a good eating habit by taking in healthier options to support your workouts. And by making sure that you always make sure that your equipment is always in a good working condition to ensure safety all the time which makes it very important to choose a good indoor trainer which you can find by looking at some great bike trainer reviews online.