Interesting Facts About Mobility Issues And Personal Disability Equipment


If someone in your family happens to be struggling with a debilitating mobility problem such as arthritis, paraplegia, or other neuromuscular disorders, it’s important to note that this is an increasingly common occurrence in today’s landscape but you do have a wide range of assistive solutions at your disposal.

So if you happen to be interested in contemporary disability equipment and vehicles in SK4, for instance, you’ve come to the right place. This brief editorial will highlight everything you need to know.

The Cold, Hard Facts

Before we can review the best-rated disability equipment, we have to take a closer look at how mobility issues are affecting our country:

  • Based on a 2017 data collection initiative, there are upwards of 14.1 million disabled people living in the United Kingdom.
  • However, roughly 3.3 million of these individuals are gainfully employed.
  • Without an adequate assortment of mobility devices at the ready, people with movement disorders have to spend approximately £580 more per month on medical care, service aids, and other aspects required to lead a normal life.

Thus, it’s now more crucial than ever to ensure that disabled individuals have unfettered access to modernised apparatus and conveyance tools that can reinforce an independent lifestyle.

The Most Impactful Equipment Available in 2018

Simply by partnering with a reputable supplier of mobility gear, you’ll gain immediate access to a vast array of cost-effective tools:

  • Robust scooters that are designed to be weatherproof, highly durable, and, most importantly, very safe and secure.
  • Personalised wheelchairs available in numerous sizes, seat heights, weight capacities, and other customisations.
  • Modified risers and recliner chairs that feature electrical operation.
  • Alternative aids including walking sticks, bathing supports, cooking utensils, incontinence products, and other integral necessities.

Be sure to visit the website of a renowned local provider as soon as possible. Unmitigated freedom and autonomy is just a few clicks away.