Is Airbrush Tanning the Right Approach for You?


Airbrush tanning is not a new phenomenon; it has steadily grown in popularity as the risks of too much exposure to the sun’s harmful rays have gained a higher profile.  This risk is multiplied by those who have regular sun bed sessions, as the harmful rays are too concentrated on your body.  Thankfully, airbrush tanning can provide you with a beautiful, natural looking tan in just a few hours without the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.  You can still look and feel great!

The Process

The first thing on your list should be to find a reputable business offering the service.  Airbrush tanning involves your being sprayed with an airbrush gun.  This is a very personal service you can choose to wear swimwear, underwear or nothing at all.

The best business, such as in New York will have state of the art tanning facilities; discreet areas for you to have your spray tan completed, and very professional staff who will keep every visit confidential.

To have a tan completed you will need to pick which level of tan is most appropriate for you and your needs.  Gotham Glow has a range of options, and they will happily discuss the most appropriate one for with you before the process is completed.  Once you have chosen a look, you will be guided to a booth to get ready for your tan.  The technician will then guide you through a range of poses to ensure you are sprayed all over.  Within minutes,  you will be beautifully sprayed. Next, you go to the dryers.  They will advise you how long to dry before you are able to dress and how long your tan will require to develop before you rinse.

Why Airbrush Tanning?

There are several reasons why this is likely to be the best route for you:


Getting a natural outdoor tan is not always easy.  You will need to spend a considerable  amount of time in the sun, slowly building your golden glow.  This may be time you cannot afford to spare and it is not always possible to guarantee the sun will be available when you want it.

A spray tan will simply require you to book an appointment and show up.  You will know how long it will take before you get there and it will take a very small amount of time out of your busy schedule.


As already mentioned, lying in the sun carries a high risk of skin cancer and possibly other cancers.  It is advisable to reduce this risk by getting a spray tan which looks as good as the real thing but without the negative health connotations.

At Home

Gotham Glow, along with many other airbrush tanning salons offers an in home service.  A professional will visit your home and create a small space where you can be sprayed in confidence.  The spray process will take approximately fifteen minutes and you can enjoy the comfort of your own home, whilst doing whatever you want while your tan develops.  This is a fantastic option for those who are shy or nervous about visiting the salon, work from home, or have hectic schedules.