Is Cheap Hair Transplant Surgery Really That Bad?


If your hair loss has become more severe in recent months, it might be time to consider seeking professional help.

There are hundreds of hair loss clinics around the world who can help you achieve a fuller, thicker head of hair in a matter of months.

Reputable hair loss clinics only make use of the latest hair transplant techniques and technology but this can often come with a higher price tag.

Factors that Affect Hair Transplant Prices

While hair transplantation might sound fairly straightforward, it is actually quite a complex procedure that requires specific care from start to finish.

The cost of your hair transplant procedure will depend on a few different factors, including your genetics, medical conditions and the severity of your hair loss.

Here are a few of the things that a hair transplant clinic such as Man Cave Sydney will take into account during your consultation.

  • How recently your hair loss occurred
  • How severe your hair loss is
  • Whether you have any medical conditions that could be affecting the growth of your hair
  • The type of hair transplant procedure (FUT/FUE)
  • Labour costs

The only way to get an accurate cost is to see a professional hair transplant surgeon who has the right experience with these types of procedures. Most reputable hair loss clinics offer complimentary hair checks that will help give you an initial idea of whether treatment might be required.

If you’ve already done some research on hair transplant costs, you will have noticed that clinics list their costs per follicular unit but this simply refers to one group of hair follicles. Every patient will require a different number of units, which is why you will need to get a tailored quote during your consultation.

Hair transplant procedures don’t come cheap so it’s not uncommon for patients to look for more affordable prices but will a cheaper service give you the results you’re hoping for?

Are Cheap Hair Transplants Risky?

There’s no doubt that it feels good to save money but unfortunately, a cheaper hair transplant might mean that your results won’t be what you want them to be. In fact, cheaper services, particularly those that are offered abroad, can end up doing more damage.

If you’re serious about achieving a fuller head of hair, it’s important to see your hair transplant as an investment and not a grudge purchase.

Should I Schedule a Hair Transplant?

Hair loss is not a big deal for some but for others, it can be a source of embarrassment in professional and social situations. If you’re finding that your hair loss is affecting your self-esteem, it’s definitely worth considering a hair transplant.

The biggest benefit of FUE and FUT hair transplants is that they offer permanent results that you can enjoy for decades to come, provided your procedure is performed by a qualified and experienced hair transplant surgeon.

The bottom line is that when it comes to hair transplants, it’s wise to not make your decision based on cost alone.