Is Your Loved One a Drug Addict? 5 Signs to Watch For


Addiction is powerful, but it’s also sneaky. If you suspect a loved one is suffering from drug addiction, we’re here to help. Spot the signs by reading here.

Noticing negative changes in your loved one’s behavior can be troubling, especially when you care for them so deeply.

Of the reasons that could be behind these changes, drug addiction is one of the most life-threatening.

Are you worried that someone you love may be a drug addict? If you have suspicions, this article will help you to identify 5 tell-tale signs to watch for.

Let’s take a look:


If your loved one is experiencing intense or strange cravings for food and snacks out of the ordinary, this may be a sign of a developing addiction. Needing to eat much more regularly, or repeatedly craving sweet foods can be an indicator. For example,

Needing to eat much more regularly, or repeatedly craving sweet foods can be an indicator. For example, opioid intake is directly related to increased sugar intake.

Excessive Spending

Fuelling a drug addiction isn’t cheap, and drugs can drain your resources very quickly.

Pay attention to if your loved one is suddenly borrowing money from you regularly, or is often broke when they usually aren’t. If they always seem to be without enough money, then they may be spending money on other things – like drugs.

Neglecting Responsibilities

Did your sister forget that she was supposed to attend the annual family reunion, even though it’s normally her favorite family event?

Drug addicts often find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of dependence that causes them to neglect or forget responsibilites. This sign also comes with the tendency for drug addicts to isolate themselves from family members.

Reckless Behavior

Drug addiction fuels reckless behavior.

Other self-destructive habits such as careless casual sex, daredevil behavior, and general disregard for their lives are also symptoms of an addiction. Have you have noticed your loved ones exhibiting certain behaviors that are outside of the norm?

Neglecting Appearance

This sign is one of the most easily recognizable.

Loved ones who are suddenly taking less care in the way that they look, or seem to have no interest in grooming or wearing fresh clothes could very well be battling an addiction.

But, what can you do if you suspect your loved one is a drug addict?

The topic of drug addiction isn’t an easy one to think about, let alone talk about with a loved one. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the possibility of your loved one’s life being irreparable.

Don’t panic. The first step to getting help for your loved one is to realize that there is hope for them in the event that they are addicted to drugs. Many institutions offer help for individuals who suffer from drug addiction, such as Prescott House Drug Addiction Treatment.

Drug addiction isn’t a death sentence, and neither does it have to be a shadow over your loved one for the rest of their lives. Reaching out to a team of qualified professionals who can aid your loved one on their path to recovery, will make a world of difference.

Based on the five tell tale signs contained in this article, do you suspect that one of your loved ones may be suffering in silence due to a drug addiction?