Rural Alaska Honors Institute students learn karate during their physical education sporting the traditional karate gi.

Learn the ancient martial art karate right here in Manhattan just the way it should be learnt from the masters of the technique who combine the tradition Japanese art with a modern touch to make it interesting for the students today. They ensure that you are given the right thrust to learn this great martial art and take it to the highest level with the ultimate black belt. With karate you will find that yourself defence techniques improve and apart from that you will feel physically and mentally more alert and a lot more energetic.

Rural Alaska Honors Institute students learn karate during their physical education sporting the traditional karate gi.

Motivated to perform

There is a programme for children as young as 4 years of age and they too enjoy the introduction of the art as they learn through fun and games. They enjoy the first level of learning karate as they are taught discipline and regimen while having the time of their lives as the teachers make the entire learning process fun. With a group to study karate with you find you are a lot more enthusiastic while learning and you feel motivated to do more as you learn new techniques and exercises.

The second level is for 7 to 11 year old as they start the more serious aspect of karate and start learning adult exercises with ease. By then they have the agility and core strength to take on the challenge of more difficult work outs and the foundation is set to get to greater heights. The kids self defense Manhattan teachers ensure that each student is given personalised attention and their individual potential is realised as they learn karate and improve their mental and physical strengths. In fact they ensure that even if you are a student or you are a professional you don’t have to give up on learning karate as they have scheduled classes on weeknights as well as Saturdays so that you have your time to learn.

Mental strength

With kids self defense Manhattan classes you will find that the children are getting more competitive and goal oriented and with regular competitions within the class and outside they are steadily progressing and bettering their performance. The children get stronger mentally and physically and with the teachers giving them the right kind of motivation they grow up to be stalwarts in the ancient Japanese art. The kids enjoy getting stronger and more agile while also imbibing discipline and concentration.