Least-Known Methods to Achieving a Healthy Weight


If you find it troublesome losing weight and think surgery might help, you can still realize your ideal body weight with professional help. If you need further clarification regarding Frisco’s path to weight loss surgery, Scott Stowers, DO, and his expert team can help. Book your session online or by phone today to partner with a compassionate provider throughout your weight loss journey.

What Does the Path to Weight Loss Surgery Entail?

The path to weight loss surgery entails a set of stages designed by Dr. Stowers to enhance your weight loss success before and after surgery. The experts at The Bariatric Experts will provide support and information throughout the process, so you will never feel alone.

Essential Steps for Weight Loss Surgery

The steps necessary for weight loss surgery include the following:

Make an Appointment

Contact The Bariatric Experts or fill out an appointment application form online to schedule a consultation for weight loss surgery.

Attend an Initial Consultation

When you visit Dr. Stowers and his staff, you can expect a thorough, individualized approach to help you achieve your weight-loss objectives. The Bariatric Experts offer financial, clinical, and nutritional support throughout your journey to ensure your success.

Medical Clearances

Before weight loss surgery, medical approvals are necessary. All patients must have a psychological evaluation done over the phone. After you consult with Dr. Stowers, he will assess whether you require additional medical clearances based on your medical history. Additional clearances may include heart testing, sleep studies, EGDs, or other diagnostic tests.

Schedule Surgery

The next stage in your weight-loss journey is to schedule your operation. Your Bariatric Experts team will work with you to find a convenient time for you and will try to arrange all of your appointments for a few days as possible. They see many out-of-town patients and seek to keep their time and travel as short as possible.

Pre-Surgery Instructions

Before undergoing weight loss surgery, all patients will receive precise pre-surgical instructions. Covid testing processes, medication modifications before treatment, dietary and discharge instructions, to name a few, are all handled by direct patient communication and presence at your pre-operative office visit.


General anesthetic keeps you asleep and cozy during bariatric surgery. Your weight loss operations will most likely take an hour, but each scenario is unique. After treatment, you will spend one night in the hospital and will be dismissed the next morning.

What Should I Expect After the Procedure?

Following your weight reduction surgery, you will adhere to the diet and post-operative care guidelines prescribed before your surgery, including vitamin supplements. Follow-up appointments (including lab monitoring) will be essential during the post-op phase at:

· One week

· Six weeks (phone call)

· Three months

· Six months

· 12 months

After a year, you will return to Dr. Stowers and his staff for annual check-ups. Follow-up appointments are just as crucial as sticking to a balanced diet and exercise routine if you want to keep your weight loss long-term. Follow-up sessions help you stay on track with your weight loss, assess whether you need more vitamin supplements, and give continuous information and support.

Call The Bariatric Experts or request an appointment online today to learn more about the path to weight reduction surgery and see if it is suitable for you.