Many fitness buffs and people who are conscious of their health consider the Mediterranean diet as the best diet experience they had. Arguably the world’s best healthy diet, Mediterranean diet primarily consumes fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and olive oil.

It is also known to consume fish and chicken as its source of lean protein over red meat that is accompanied by red wine consumed on a regular basis but in the moderate intake.

It has been long recognized as one of the healthiest diet plans and the easiest one to have because it doesn’t restrict the person from eating delicious meals. This kind of diet plan often sets 1200 cal diet meal plan.

It sounds very difficult to eat 1,200 calories per day but a lot of people had success in practicing it. This type of diet also has several health benefits to the person that is practicing it and to name a few is it helps the heart to stay healthy and on top of that is its obesity prevention capability.

Obviously, this type of diet was practiced by the local population in the Mediterranean region dating back centuries ago where most of the people fill their plates with greens and fruits along with healthy fats as well as whole grains and fish and a generous amount of red wine. This kind of daily meal only amounts 1200 calories per day.

Most Mediterranean diet plans often feature 1200 cal meal plan  that offers an equal amount of vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, grains, legumes and a glass of red wine. This food is often cooked or made using flavorful herbs and spices replacing salt and other flavorings that are packed with unnecessary calories.

Most dietitians and nutritionists prefer Mediterranean diet plan for those who do not want to lose the delicious flavors of their food without sacrificing diet. Just like other diet meal plans, it is controlled for calories, sodium as well as fiber.

Unlike other diet plans where you have to deprive yourself of eating since Mediterranean diet doesn’t require small amount of food, instead it provides the one who is having this diet lots of vegetables, mostly green together with fruits with an equal amount of healthy fat, lean white meat that could either be chicken or fish, whole grain, legumes and red wine.

The proper preparation and the way of cooking a Mediterranean inspired meal is simple by keeping the pantry staples such as the canned tomatoes, whole grains, the pasta, the white meat or the olive oil a few times in a week. To cook, it can simply be grilled or broiled.

Some people who are using this kind of dieting eat five times a day dividing the meals into five schedules of eating so that they won’t feel hungry and, they also believe that this will spike up the body’s metabolism by loading calories from time to time unlike having a full meal three times a day.

Just a simple reminder, this diet will only work if it is coupled with regular exercise and of course self-discipline. Dieting is not an overnight task that can be completed the next day. It is a lifelong dedication that requires discipline and perseverance to endure those days where craving is at its peak.