Making Healthy Living Choices No Matter Where You Are


When you’re not home, whether you’re traveling for work or fun, or you’re just at work, you want to do what you can to stay healthy and make the right lifestyle choices to keep up the healthy trends you follow at home. Even shopping at the mall can pose dilemmas if you get the munchies while you’re there, but there are healthy options.

There’s more to be healthy away from home than simply eating right. You definitely don’t want to skip on workouts just because you’re away on a business trip. So, if you want to work on being healthy when you’re on the road, or away from home for any reason, here are some things that might help make that happen.

Eating Out

When it comes to eating out, sometimes you have no choice but to get a meal on the road. That meal shouldn’t be from a fast food restaurant. There are always better choices than fast food, even if you’re in a bit of a hurry (it’s never as fast as they say it will be anyway, especially if you order something “made your way.”).

Even malls have some healthy food options, you just need to look for them. Find a place with salads, wraps, and healthy juice drink options. Skip the places with things like pizza and pasta, and definitely pass on the hot dogs.

If you are on the road and fast food seems like your only option (there are definitely some stretches of highway that make this a complete reality) opt for a place with some grilled chicken options and some salad options. Split the meal in half (this is great if you aren’t traveling alone, and will save you money on meals either way) and you’ll have two meals worth of food in one stop.

Working On Fitness

Make some time on your trip to work on fitness. If you’re on vacation you can go on walking tours, go hiking, rent bikes, and even go swimming in order to get plenty of fitness. If you’re on a work trip you can hit up the gym in your hotel room (maybe even request they specifically book you at a place with a gym room).

Just because you don’t have your home gym available to you or the gym that you have a membership with at home doesn’t have a location where you’re staying isn’t an excuse to skip a heart healthy workout.

Healthy Air

Working out is also good for your lungs, not just your health, but you can do other things to protect your lungs. While you’re on vacation, or on a business trip, find a way to walk when you can or take public transportation instead of renting a vehicle. You might even want to consider renting a bike.

Choose to drop bad habits that are polluting the air (aside from your transportation). Drop smoking, if that’s still a bad habit you’re carrying around with you. And, leave the aerosol cans at the store!