A Weed Vape Guide for the Non-Partier

Ten years ago, no one used a vape pipe or vape pen, but now you see them everywhere. But like almost every new trend, there’s not an accompanying etiquette guide to make sure that you don’t come off like an idiot while you’re enjoying weed vape. With that in mind, we want to make sure that you aren’t harassed by the self-righteous haters of the world.

Non-Partying Reasons to Vape Cannabis Oil

Contrary to popular belief, there are many reasons that someone might be vaping cannabis oil other than to party. There’s a growing trend among doctors who prescribe cannabis to recommend various types of cannabis vape oil to their patients. To begin with, two of the chemical compounds found in marijuana, THC and CBD have different benefits. Smoking via a cannabis vaporizer is possibly the easiest way to ensure that you’re getting the proper mix for your ailment. Additionally, many athletes are showing a preference for CBD oil because they can avoid the counterproductive effects of medical marijuana and still get the gains they’re looking for.

Do People Know What I’mVaping?

The byproduct of your cannabis vape pipe is odorless and colorless, which is why most reasonable people could care less if you’re doing it in the same room that they are. So, unless you’re talking about what you have in your pipe, no one is going to find out. And as long as you have a prescription for your cannabis oil—or if you’re in a state where recreational marijuana is legal—it’s no one else’s business what you’re smoking.

Where it’s Cool to Vape

Just because you have the right to vape cannabis doesn’t mean you should always do it. A lot of places have a no-vaping policy, which is certainly their prerogative, and they may ask you to take your pipe outside. Even though people can’t smell your vapor, they can see it. If you’re so close to someone that when you exhale, it’s in someone’s personal space, maybe hold off until you have a little more room. With that in mind, if you’re on an elevator, jammed into a train car, or standing in line at Chipotle, keep your vape pen in your purse or pocket. Other than that, puff away.

You Don’t Need to Educate the World

You’re out at the mall or park, taking a toke off your vape pen, and someone asks you about it. If they seem cool, you may definitely want to take a minute and tell them about all of the benefits of cannabis oil, but don’t feel that it’s your job to single-handedly champion the cause. A lot offolks are against cannabis consumption and may just be trying to bait you into a debate. Proceed with caution and walk away from the naysayers.

Don’t Take Stupid Risks

Like many medications, vaporized cannabis will get you high. Don’t drive or operate heavy machinery. Only a licensed physician can prescribe you cannabis and not all of them will. Do your research before approaching your doctor about medical marijuana or cannabis oil. And carry proof of your prescription just in case you run into a cop.