Methods of Obtaining Optimal Health for Women

Optimal Health for Women

Women are often busy, struggling to balance family, relationships, career, and other roles every day. As such, it is common for them to forget to cater to their personal needs. Dr. Fernando Otero leads a competent staff in addressing all women’s problems using the latest technological advancements. Contact Women’s Clinic of Rio Grande Valley for the best Edinburg, TX obstetrics from an industry leader.

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About Practice

Women’s Clinic of Rio Grande Valley is a premier full-service women’s facility. They reliably continue to offer the best diagnostics and innovative treatments in matters of OB/GYN. Under Dr. Otero’s leadership, the practice is passionate about serving all women from puberty throughout menopause.

Since medical technologies continue to advance, Dr. Otero leads his staff by identifying innovative education opportunities. He further completes in-depth research on the newest diagnostic and treatment platforms while selecting the best innovation to apply in practice.

Dr. Fernando believes that although technology is incredible, people make a practice stand out. To that end, the practice houses some of the best administrative and medical staff within the region. Moreover, the whole team shares a common vision of being industry leaders in all aspects of gynecology, reproductive health, and obstetrics.

Women lead busy lives. Often juggling family, community, and career. Hence it is common to neglect taking care of themselves. Your specialists at the Women’s Clinic of Rio Grande Valley promise an empowering, enjoyable, and enlightening experience.

Available Services

The experts at Women’s Clinic of Rio Grande Valley offer a wide range of quality services, including:

  • Pelvic Pain SpecialistPelvic pain can affect your daily routine and affects a vast percentage of women. If you encounter this condition, turn to Fernando Otero, MD, of Women’s Clinic of Rio Grande Valley for comprehensive diagnosis and treatment against all pelvic pain types.
  • Family Planning Specialist Family planning entails more than birth control. This procedure lets women and their partners design a family structure that is manageable to them. Your compassionate providers at Women’s Clinic of Rio Grande Valley helps you identify a birth control plan that is ideal for you.
  • Essure® Removal SpecialistEssure® acts as a permanent female sterilization alternative for women. However, most women report adverse side effects after undergoing the procedure. If you are within Texas and considering Essure® removal, contact Fernando Otero, MD, for a successful procedure.
  • Urinary Incontinence Specialist Although not commonly discussed, urinary incontinence affects most women. To escape this condition’s inconveniences and embarrassments, contact Dr. Otero for a safe and effective treatment.
  • High-Risk Obstetrics SpecialistAn eminent high-risk pregnancy can cause unimaginable anxiety to expectant mothers. Luckily, your providers at the Women’s Clinic of Rio Grande Valley understand your fears, ensuring each pregnancy is as enjoyable and safe as possible.
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery Specialist If you seek a minimally invasive procedure to realize your optimal health, you need a trusted provider for the best outcomes. Contact Fernando Otero, MD, for exceptional results with lesser risks compared to open surgical procedures.

To comprehend the services available at the Women’s Clinic of Rio Grande Valley and how you can benefit, schedule an appointment with Dr. Otero and the team. Call today and set yourself on the right path in matters of women’s health.