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Whenever you’re in need of outdoor fitness equipment, Norwell Outdoor Fitness is second to none. We take pride in terms of the design and functionality, quality and safety, and social benefits of our outdoor equipment for everyone.

We pioneered in designing and developing outdoor fitness equipment in every detail. It is our responsibility to ensure their well-thought details including their functionality and usability. This is to get the highest possible consumer profit along with the Danish design aesthetics. We just want it to be easily installed and be fit with any type of environment you may have.

Our outdoor fitness park sets out significant social benefits with a perfect and absolutely natural meeting place for all. It doesn’t really matter what social strata and generation you are because it puts emphasis on integration, fun fitness, and health promotion.

Our Smartphone Fitness Apps

Norwell’s smartphone apps form certain platform making training and competition at the same time. These innovative apps will track the number, time, distance, or questions. They gather and then collaborate the statistics. You will be viewing the training suggestions and instructions for every station. Just search for the nearest park near your area.

The apps work well with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android system-based devices. We also have the Junior app that supposes the Game Center iOS units.

Our Norwell Parks

Norwell has over 500 parks throughout the world. Every park highlights a distinct fusion of longevity in environment, diverse program, and beautiful design. This only signifies a full combination of fitness parks in varying sizes with individualized chances for training. Norwell Fitness facilities experience affirmative reactions from anywhere in the world.

Norwell Products

Our very own products are designed and developed for everyone, from juniors to adults, and for able and not so able. The curve serves as the primary element of our product design, which creates construction transparency and lightness with the combination of our colour scheme selections. This is the specific factor making our park suitable for any kind of environment.

The products are developed for adult exercises, kids exercises, for special needs, and for seniors.

Adult Exercises

Our adult fitness line of equipment assists adults ages from 13 and up. Each of our stations is focused on one of the exercise essentials we offer including flexibility, balance, strength, and cardiovascular. You only need to choose a specific area and check for our training videos, fitness stations, and more.

Fun Kids Exercises

The kids fitness of Norwell allows youngsters to have several chances for their physical activity. We are offering different fitness stations outdoor for 8 to 14 years old children. They may be able to try exercises like junior sit up, junior chest, junior pull up, junior double air walker, and junior bar.

For Special Needs

Our fitness stations are designed for everyone: physically fit or those with physical limitations. We guarantee for 100 percent safety in each of our stations. Every station is developed with consideration to every user’s requirements notwithstanding their varying abilities. Special solutions are under development for those with special disabilities. Exercises that are working in progress include the back builder, chest builder, ultra bar, Tai Chi, and the hand cycle.

Senior Exercises

We treat our senior fellows with due respect. Their healthy aging is what we are aiming at the development of our senior exercises. The need for the elderly to maintain and boost their mental and physical well-being is paramount for us. We consider the good impact of any physical activity on everyone’s quality of life. Exercises in this program do not have limitation to any physical ability. All we want here is for everyone to get the same enjoyment through our natural exercise and training programs. Everyone is welcome to try our bench, leg strengthening, twister, sign, cross, chest back, air walker, and pingpong stations.

Norwell Exercise Packages

Various exercise packages are offered to suit everyone’s fitness satisfaction. These packages include the 5-Pack Norwell Starter, the 10-Pack Norwell Standard, 16-Full Set Norwell Gold, 15-Pack Norwell Family, 10-Pack Norwell School, Norwell Senior, 8-Pack Norwell Power, 6-Pack Norwell Runner, and the 6-Pack Norwell Urban.

Norwell Starter is designed for individuals who are on a tight budget.

Norwell Standard enables you to select from all our set of categories.

Norwell Gold offers an extensive range of fitness equipment options.

Norwell Family is ideal for visiting families and fit for children and adults.

Norwell School is designed for primary schools looking for healthy options for the children.

Learn and earn physical well-being with our very own outdoor fitness equipment and services. Let us know the soonest you can.