Play Longer and Harder


You love to play, and you take every game as seriously as a professional player, but you may accidentally turn an ankle or throw a shoulder out of place. In order to heal yourself as quickly as possible and get back onto the field, you must consider your treatment options thoroughly. There are a number of ways you can treat an injury, but few are as effective and long-lasting as the chiropractic options. A chiropractor goes to years of school and spends countless hours in hands-on training in order to treat any ligament, joint, or muscle injury you might face. Even if you think your injury is not as bad as it seems, or you were told by others to ‘walk it off,’ you should take a moment to visit your local Melbourne chiropractor and get their opinion. Often, an injury related to a sports accident is worse than originally thought, as you cannot always see swelling and trauma under the skin.

You Are Not Superman

No matter how tough you are and how long you played the game you love, you are at no lower risk of an injury than anyone else. Rather than go for an expensive surgery that might take weeks or even months to recover from, consider sports chiropractors in Melbourne. Whiplash, an injury commonly suffered by football players, cannot simply heal on its own with time. Regular spinal adjustment and massage therapy are needed in order to remove the subluxations, ease stiffened muscles, and restore proper range of movement. Without proper treatment, your symptoms are likely to worsen and last two and even three times longer. Whiplash alone is known to cause such symptoms as headache, dizziness, insomnia, and pain.

Watch Your Habits

The wrong stance or an incorrect action can cause serious and usually unexpected injuries. In order to properly treat any injury incurred during a game, your chiropractor will talk you through the incident and determine the exact cause of the injury. As they treat you over time, your chiropractor will then train you in the best stances and correct actions to take in the future in order to reduce your chance of another injury.

Never Play with an Injury

You excel at your favourite sport and have a strong sense of passion for the game and everything associated with it. If you experience an injury during a game, you must swallow your competitive nature and seek treatment immediately. Any injury you go back into a game with will inevitably is exacerbated. Or worse, you could create an entirely new injury of a much more extreme nature. Imagine you twisted an ankle during a football match and went back onto the field, only to fall or receive a poorly placed kick and break the already weakened bone. What had originally been an injury you could completely recover from before the next game will now bench you for six weeks or longer. Your nerves, muscles, and many other parts of your musculoskeletal systems are strong, but they are not invincible. Take the time to get any and all injuries seen now rather than later for your own good.