Precautions for Women and Men for IVF and the Top Destinations.


There is a general misconception that IVF treatments are only available in few countries like USA, UK and other European countries. However, with the emergence of medical tourism in countries like Spain, Turkey and India, IVF treatments are available in almost all developing countries nowadays. Spain, Turkey and India remains the favorite because of the world class treatments which are available at affordable cost. India is the hot spot in this category. There are a lot of IVF centre in Delhi which offers affordable treatments. Along with IVF treatment in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai also offers world class treatments. Barcelona and Madrid are the most preferred cities in Spain for treatment, Istanbul is the most preferred city in Turkey. All these places adopt most modern technologies for IVF treatment.

Precautions for Women

  1. No smoking or liquor use as it can bring about lower pregnancy rates and a more serious danger of unnatural birth cycle.
  1. No more than two energized refreshments for every day.
  1. Avoid change in eating regimen or weight reduction or trend diets amid IVF cycle. A solid all-around adjusted eating regimen works best.
  1. Refrain from intercourse three to four days before egg recovery and taking after fetus substitution until pregnancy assurance is made.
  1. Normal exercise may proceed unless expansion of your ovaries produces uneasiness.
  1. Avoid hot tubs or saunas.

Precautions for Men

  1. Drugs, liquor, and cigarette smoking ought to be kept away from for three months before treatment and at all circumstances amid the progressing IVF treatment cycle.
  1. Sitting in hot tubs and saunas is not prescribed. Indeed, even a solitary scene in the hot tub can unfavorably influence sperm work. Forgo this for no less than three months preceding treatment.
  1. Abstain from intercourse for no less than three days, however not over seven days preceding accumulation of semen for egg gathering and amid treatment.
  1. Fever more prominent than 100.4o one to two months preceding IVF treatment may unfavorably influence sperm quality. Counsel your specialist quickly.

You may embrace this way of life changes and live sound life. Ivf treatment is expensive issue and one ought to consider all endeavors conceivable before looking for this treatment.

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