Pregnancy Symptoms Early Signs of Pregnancy


Are you much curious for becoming mother, after marriage every girl wants to become mother and it is like a dream for her, and every time she had Goosebumps about that when will she conceive and get pregnant, there are many symptoms through one can know about her pregnancy, especially in first trimester, which is the beginning of your pregnancy and this is the time to get assured that whether you are pregnant or not, your body changes tells you first about that good news:

  1. Food Aversions

If you are pregnant then there are certain foods which can affect your mind like weird smell of that food like garlic or onion or coffee. It may be possible that before pregnancy you liked these foods, but after pregnancy you can hate it, opposite that if you hate any food before pregnancy then suddenly you will start liking them. It causes the increasing of Estrogen hormone in your body, which effects on your habits. The study has proved that during first trimester mostly women feel sensitive odor in particular foods.

  1. Mood Swings

Mood Swings is very common during pregnancy, because of hormonal changes in your system.  The Estrogen and Progesterone hormones

Become on high level.  Mood swings happen to every becoming mother, sometimes you can feel bad or good mood, or sometime very depressed and anxious or euphoria, but if you are having thoughts of harm yourself or feeling negativity inside you then you must consult your doctor.

  1. Abdominal Bloating

Frequent hormonal changes can occur abdominal bloated. It is equal the feeling of periods which women feel during starting days. Because in early days when your uterus is still small in size, and your wearing can more snug you than daily routine.

  1. Frequent Urination

This is the most common symptom of early pregnancy, because hormonal changes causes the increment of blood flow in body, and fill your bladder more quickly and you feel like urination faster and again and again. Also the other reason is your baby is developing in your womb, which stresses on uterus and pressure on bladder, that’s why you need to pee more often

5. Constipation

This is also the symptom of early pregnancy, due to hormonal changes women can feel slow digestive system, and also like dizziness in early stage, in first trimester of pregnancy 80% of women feel and faces constipation and heaviness in abdomen area. Constipation causes bloating in stomach. So it would be better to drink water as much as possible, it keeps you hydrated and gives relief your abdomen bloating.

Early pregnancy become women more fragile and sensitive, because your body has to face many changes of hormonal and physical, daily one can feel a new sign of change, first trimester is full of changes like mood swings, body changes, and others. So it would be better for women that carefully understand the pregnancy symptoms and if she wants to assured her then she can also use medical kit for proper interrogation of pregnancy.