Providing a Unique Approach to Cardiovascular Care in Philadelphia!


Cardiovascular illnesses, such as heart attack, angina, stroke, heart failure, and many more account for the greatest number of mortalities in the world today. There are, nevertheless, several measures to lower your chance of having these disorders. If they do arise, there are also numerous therapeutic alternatives available. Corrielus Cardiology takes a different approach toward cardiovascular healthcare provision than other practices. The cardiologists are dedicated to offering a pleasant, integrated, and informative atmosphere, promoting total well-being for patients in Philadelphia, PA. To explore your available care options, schedule a consultation with a skilled cardiologist in Philadelphia, PA, by calling the office or booking an appointment right away.

About Practice

Sanul Corrielus, MD, MBA, FACC, a board-certified nonsurgical cardiologist, heads the cardiovascular care facility. Dr. Corrielus has a wealth of knowledge and a strong desire to help and create awareness in the community. Corrielus Cardiology offers a one-of-a-kind multidisciplinary approach to integrative medicine, which emphasizes exercise, stress management, and nutrition as ways to improve cardiovascular health.

The staff at Corrielus Cardiology recognizes the strong link between heart health and general well-being. The team’s purpose is to teach the public how healthy lifestyle choices and habits could assist families in avoiding unnecessary emergency department visits, conserving money, and creating stronger, healthier families.

Dr. Corrielus and his team strive to create a welcoming and culturally sensitive environment where every patient can feel at ease and cater to an individualized level. Besides, the community-focused office is outfitted with cutting-edge equipment and staffed by caring and skilled professionals, allowing them to provide patients with the most satisfying and enjoyable experience possible.

What Conditions Do the Cardiologists Address?

The heart is a complex organ, which plays an important part in your general health and wellness. Whenever an element of the heart, such as the valves, muscle, or arteries, ceases to function effectively, the whole body is put in danger. The cardiologists at Corrielus Cardiology happily address a comprehensive range of heart diseases so that patients could live a healthy life and prevent the devastating repercussions of cardiovascular disease.

Some of the heart conditions they treat include:

o   Aneurysm

o   Arrhythmia

o   Angina

o   Aortic Stenosis

o   Aortic Dissection

o   Aortic Insufficiency

o   Atrial Fibrillation

o   Atherosclerosis

o   Congenital heart disease

o   Congenital heart failure

o   Chronic venous insufficiency

o   Coronary Artery disease

o   Bradycardia

o   Chest pain

o   Cardiogenic shock

o   Deep venous insufficiency

o   Leg swelling

o   Heart attack

o   Heart murmur

o   Hypertension

o   High cholesterol

What Are the Available Services?

The knowledgeable cardiologists at Corrielus Cardiology understand the significance of accurately diagnosing your cardiac disease to implement the best care strategy. Thanks to cutting-edge medical equipment, your provider can assess the function and strength of your heart utilizing non-invasive testing protocols.

After assessing the intensity of your heart-related concerns and risk factors, your doctor will develop a customized care plan for you. Available services at the practice include concierge medicine, stress testing, preventive cardiology, echocardiograms, cardiology consultations, and second views.

Are you yet to find a cardiologist you can entrust with your health and wellness? Call Corrielus Cardiology or set up a consultation online to find out more regarding the integrative cardiovascular care clinic.