Seven Questions to Ask When Choosing a Luxury Drug Rehab


Asking questions about the luxury rehab ensures that you don’t waste your money on an unsuitable program that will not help you to recover. You should not make judgment on a rehab simply because of the nice photos in the catalogue. The best way to get answers to all your questions is to contact their hotline number and talk to the representative on the phone. The following are seven questions that you should ask the rehab.

  1. What is the Evaluation Process?

The luxury rehab must have a proper evaluation procedure that evaluates the addiction of the patient. The evaluation process determines the extent of the addiction and identifies any other conditions that occur alongside the addiction. Screening is done to determine problems in various aspects including physically, mentally and emotionally. Thorough evaluation is necessary for creating the right treatment plan for the patients. The more comprehensive the evaluation process, the more accurate the treatment plan they can create for the patient.

  1. Does the Rehab Address the Patient’s Needs Other Than the Physical Aspect?

Drug addiction has a lot to do with problematic behavior and negative self-image. This is why it is important that the rehab address other aspects like social, emotional and mental aspect following the detoxification process. The world’s best rehab must teach patients how to develop good habits so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Is the Drug/Alcohol Program They Provide Short or Long Term?

Most drug rehabs provide short rehab programs that last for 2-3 weeks to suit patients who can’t stay for long term. Programs with two or three week terms do not give enough time for the addict to attain sobriety. Longer stay is necessary for the patient to break away from the destructive thoughts that lead them into drug addiction in the first place. The cultivation of healthy lifestyle habits is a gradual process and it will take at least a few months for the patient to get used to them.

  1. Do They Use Substitute Drug to Treat the Patients?

Many luxury drug rehabs prescribe substitute drug to slowly reduce the use of the drug the patient is addicted to. This type of program does not help patient achieve complete sobriety but it simply reduces the harm from the drug addiction. If you want to attain complete sobriety, you should look for a drug rehab that does not use alternative drug to treat the patient.

  1. Does the Program Offer Any Method to Calm Down the Cravings of the Patients?

Patient with serious drug addiction will struggle in their cravings for drugs every day. The rehab should offer techniques like nutritional counseling to deal with the drug craving instead of using medications. Medications can only chemically suppress the cravings temporarily but techniques that do not involve the use of medications can teach patients to control their craving for long term.

  1. Does the Rehab Offer Drug Monitoring?

A good luxury rehab will have zero tolerance policy on drug possession and provide strict drug monitoring. According to the zero tolerance policy, patients that do not adhere to the drug abstinence rules will be asked to leave the facility. They should regularly perform drug tests on the patients to make sure they have achieved sobriety.

  1. Do They Provide Life Skills Educations for Maintaining Sobriety?

Patients will encounter challenges and temptations once they leave the rehab. Bad peers and drug dealers who once influenced them into using drug will find them. Therefore, it is important that the rehab provide life skills educations. The life skills that they learn at the rehab can help them to deal with each of these negative influences successfully. Rehab must teach the addicts how to avoid risky behavior and act responsibly so that they can be accepted back into the society.


In conclusion, you should ask as many questions as needed to find out all about the rehab before joining. Once you have find out all about the rehab, you can decide for yourself whether the rehab will work for you.