Smoking – A Dangerous Habit


Introduction to Smoking

It is understood worldwide that smoking is a bad habit. But most individuals remain blind to the fact that smoking, in addition to being a bad habit, is also incredibly dangerous. It consists of many types of carcinogens (cancer causing agents). Tobacco smoking can lead to serious illnesses which ultimately lead to death so one should stop smoking.

Tobacco also contains nicotine, which is an addictive drug that makes it harder for the smoker to kick this habit off. However, quitting smoking is always wise and dedication and determination is required for that to happen.

The Ugly Truth

Unfortunately, the ugly truth of today is that most youngsters (usually individuals between the ages 15 and 35) find the habit of smoking quite attractive. They feel that smoking makes them look cool. Some find smoking an escape from reality. Addiction to smoking can lead to drastic effects.

The Harmful Effects of Smoking

Given below are some of the most harmful effects of smoking:

  • The smoke particles, on entering the lungs, break the alveolar sacs which ultimately leads to decreased surface area for gaseous exchange, thus resulting in labored breathing, asthma etc.
  • Smoking causes cancer.
  • It turns lungs black, too, showing how polluted the smoker’s lungs are and this can also pollute other organs of the body.
  • The increased percentage of Carbon dioxide (CO2) due to smoking results in a decreased percentage of Oxygen (O2) which is harmful to the body. This puts a dangerously heavy load on the heart to pump even more oxygenated blood.
  • This habit also results in Tuberculosis (TB) which is a lung disease caused by inhaling polluted air.
  • Smoking suppresses the respiratory immune system, thus making the respiratory system vulnerable to a number of dangerous illnesses.

Quitting Smoking

Smoking is a choice, an option. Whether a person chooses to smoke or not is entirely up to him or her. But once he or she gets addicted to it and is close to suffering from its drastic effects, quitting is the best choice for your health. It is hard but not impossible, and so you’ll want to give yourself your best shot at success. Some popular ways to quit smoking include:

  • Nicotine Replacement Products. These contained controlled doses of nicotine and help break addiction.
  • Chewing gum. You will feel a tingle when you are in the middle of chewing. When this happens, stop chewing and put it in your cheek. When the tingling is gone, start chewing again. Continue until the tingling sensation is gone. This treatment will last around 4 months.
  • Similar to the asthma treatment, you put this cartridge into your mouth and breathe in a puff of nicotine.
  • This is an antidepressant that lowers the desire to smoke.
  • Counseling at hospitals and clinics. You can use this as a support tool. It is easy to afford and very helpful.
  • Joining online support groups.

Always know that you are valued and loved, so don’t risk your health. Love and value yourself. Best of luck, dearies!