Sperm Donation: A donation for a new life


A donation is always considered as a virtue of mankind, but at the same time, there are also some types of donations which are yet not so much focused on. The same is the case with the sperm donation where the field does not get sufficient donors to meet the demand for the same. It is not just about the shortage of donors, but also less awareness of the donor and their willingness of the donation of the men and hence the field does not get sufficient donors. There are also some misconceptions as well as myths that restrict the donors from donating the sperm. Hence it is much important to know a few facts about the sperm donation that can help the field as well as those who are looking for healthy sperm.

Here are some of the points that can help the donor to donate the sperms and understand how the whole system works before blessing it:

  • Follow the guidelines:There are many banks of sperm storage in Mumbai. It is obviously required to have more number of males, who can donate the sperm, but each of them needs to follow a certain guideline, and accordingly only one can donate the sperm. The sperm donation bank in Mumbai checks every aspect of the donor which includes his medical history, blood count, ailments and much more. There are also different genetic disorders that need to be taken care while accepting the sperms.
  • Follow the rules of the sperm bank: The sperm bank can help those who are in need to have the required sperm. However, there are also various rules of the sperm bank that one needs to follow. It includes the rule of secrecy, response, confidentiality and other that can help the donor as well as the acceptor of the same.
  • No legal liabilities as a father: There are many donors who are afraid of being responsible as a biological father. One must know that there is no legal liability on the side of a donor if the sperm is donated to a bank. The sperm bank does not share its information of a donor to any third party, and hence there is no legal obligation on the side of the donor. Hence, one can donate this important element for the mankind without any fear.
  • Has to pass through tests: Before acceptance of the sperms, the donor has to clear various medical as well as emotional tests from the sperm bank in Mumbai so that it can get required information about the quality of the sperm and matches the same with the expectation of the person who looks for them. He may need to know about the medical condition of the donor, genetic record and overall personality of the donor that can help one to know the future of the expected baby. After all, it is the question of thelife of one which one can make as better as possible.

Hence, the sperm donation is doubtlessly increasing in numbers, but yet it is not that much enough to meet the demand of the field. A little awareness and wish to help others can change the scenario, but a good thing always gets theslow beginning and hence in the coming decades this scenario will also change.