Stay Healthy by just Drinking Tea


Staying healthy is desired by every single person on earth. And for that people gets addicted to costly medicines with expensive treatments. And no doubt those medicines come with their own side effects, and with their constant usage, your body becomes resistant to them. And as a result, those medicines cannot cure you any further but will leave their side effects on you in the form of more dangerous diseases. Well, there are very few who knows that Tea can also keep you healthy, but this is not an ordinary tea. These Healthy Tea Recipes are formed by the Jiaogulan, and Jiaogulan is a very famous herb that is used in many of the different medicines.

Table of Contents

Jiaogulan Herb

This herb is just grown and found in Thailand, where people use them with different Healthy Tea Recipes. Below there are some of the common and most famous Jiaogulan Tea recipes. First one is the cold tea which uses chrysanthemum flower, hibiscus flower, black tea, Jiaogulan, butterfly pea flower, and roasted bael fruit. This tea is mostly liked by the kids, as this has a taste like cherry. And this tea would help you out to balance all your organs in their normal state. Then next comes another cold tea with some different ingredients. This tea also uses Jiaogulan as obvious, pollen from Lotus Flower, Chrysanthemum Flower, and Butterfly Pea Flower.


But if you want to make this tea more delicious then all you need to do is to add some of the lemon juice at the end of its preparation. With the lemon juice, your throat will remain fine even in the winters. This tea has a turquoise in colour which goes perfectly with the lemon flavour in it. This recipe is very famous for its tea colour, and taste. This tea is beneficial for the mood swinging, and other of our brain functions. And not just that this tea is also helpful for the patients with depression as it acts as an anti-depressant for the cases of extreme depression. And not just that this tea is also helpful for the migraine patients as well.