Steroids Are an Inseparable Part of Your Lives


Steroids are identified as artificial male hormones similar to cholesterol that have numerous effects on your bodily functions. Countless athletes and bodybuilders use over-the-counter prescription drug supplements to increase their capacity to work out. Nowadays, using anabolic steroids has been banned by many sporting organizations still athletes continue to use them regularly. However, do remember that your body does manufacture few hormones that produce anabolic-androgenic effects. Artificial anabolic steroids are simply chemical alterations of the male hormone, testosterone. Testosterone is formed inside male testes and in small quantities by the women ovaries.

Anabolic steroids when used to treat various medical conditions fetch positive and impressive results after a month but when taken illegally turns risky like an abnormal development of male breasts. The maximum numbers of people who are taking legal steroids are corticosteroids and their side effects are temporary and mild in nature. However, taking anabolic steroids is usually considered illegal and frequently bodybuilders take 10 to 100 times more doses than recommended doses which are why they come across some serious side effects. Numerous athletes and bodybuilders who are using steroids are not willing to come forward and engage themselves in a clinical study.

Impacts of using steroids

Without any doubt, steroids do provide various positive benefits. This turns out to be especially true for those users who are taking steroids under a physician’s guidance for treating a particular medical condition. These medical conditions could be asthma, skin condition like psoriasis or eczema, rheumatoid arthritis or allergies. Anabolic steroids are artificial variations of testosterone and testosterone is responsible for producing bigger and stronger muscles, sex drive plus enhanced physical capabilities. However, it must be noted that various factors determine the efficiency and the overall effect of steroids. Age, health status, medical conditions, dosages were taken and frequency play an important role in determining the results of steroids on individuals.

Process of injecting steroids

When you are using steroids illegally, be extra cautious and start with low dosages. Additionally, you can visit several websites that provide various steroids cycles. The dosages recommended to bodybuilders may be safe and healthy for beginners. An inexperienced user who is just learning to inject steroids should proceed slowly to notice his body’s reaction to steroids. However, remember that buying steroids from foreign and online sources can turn out to be poor quality products. They may contain very few active constituents, bacteria filled content, an expired product and sometimes even a bunch of fillers.

Use steroids with caution

The probability of hostile male side effects and benefits depend on the form of the steroids, the frequency of your dosage, its milligram strength and the place of purchasing it. Furthermore, the risks increase as you stack, cycle and pyramid a steroid with other substances. Steroids also run a risk for addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Steroids, when taken under a doctor’s supervision, provide numerous benefits. At the same time, the dangers of side effects for men, like the abnormal development of male breasts are always there when you administer the dosages yourself or take improper dosages.