Stop Sticking Your Fingers


There are more than a few amazing benefits to be enjoyed if you consider the change from a traditional glucose reader to one that can read your glucose without the need to prick your finger. In the past, you would need to press a small needle into your finger and draw blood every single time that you needed to check the glucose levels in your blood for your next shot of insulin. As technology improved, the amount of blood needed became smaller and smaller but you always had to use a needle to get the blood needed for the test, which could cause a number of problems.

Today, you no longer need to pierce your skin just to keep up with your own glucose levels and this is true thanks to the innovative design and simple use of the FreeStyle Libre Glucose Reader. It is now possible to receive instant and highly accurate glucose levels while leaving your poor digits completely alone and while you may still need to receive a shot for your insulin, there are also methods available to help you avoid that too. No matter if you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, you can give your extremities a break from the constant piercing and still receive fast and reliable results from the glucose reader.

How it Works

The glucose reader will read your glucose with the use of a quite small glucose sensor worn under the skin and connected to a water-resistant, plastic-on-body patch. The sensor will remain inserted into the skin for a fortnight and will not require a single piercing of the finger for calibration. Once you have it in the upper arm, simply wait one hour and then watch as it will immediately begin reading glucose and trending information about your blood and its fluctuations.

Only in three situations would you find that you require a stick of the finger: hypoglycaemia, rapidly changing glucose, and when symptoms do not match the system readings. These are fairly easy to spot and even easier to fix and you should never find yourself unable to use the device whenever you need it most. To read the sensor, simply hold the device within a few centimetres of the patch and then wait for the soft beep designed to indicate that a reading is done.


The use of this device throughout the UK will completely change the way those suffering from diabetes keep up with their glucose levels. You never need to stick your finger except in special circumstances and must wait only one hour for the sensor to be ready for use. The process of insertion is fast and simple, requiring no training to have done so that you can do it on your own every two weeks whenever it must be changed. The smaller, gentler sensor will also ensure that you never find yourself in sudden pain as you might whenever receiving a stick to the finger and you will no longer need to worry about the frustration of many small cuts on your extremities.