Surgical Treatment of Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair loss can take a toll on your self-esteem, and it is better to look for ways to regrow the hair. Surgical hair restoration methods might be effective as they allow you to transfer hair follicles from one region of the body to the one that needs the hair restoration. The follicles will allow the hair to regrow in the parts where you had previously lost the hair permanently. You could seek hair restoration experts like Dr. Martin Maag in Lakewood Ranch, who will guide you through the hair restoration procedure.

Surgical Hair Restoration

Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) are among the safest surgical methods of restoring hair. The choice of the surgical option will depend on the amount of hair loss and the location of the hair loss. FUSS offers the highest hair transplant survival rate, and it can treat large areas. On the other hand, FUT uses one linear strip causing minimal scarring, and it lowers the risk of complications that arise from hair restoration.

What to Expect Post-Hair Restoration Surgery

You may need to take some medications a few days after the hair transplantation and should be prepared to wear the bandages for a couple of days to allow the area to heal completely. The transplanted hair will fall out after two weeks and be replaced by the new hair growth. However, it might take a few months before you get a new growth of hair. It is prudent to boost the growth using drugs such as Rogaine, which helps hair to grow. Moreover, more patients will see a 60% hair growth after 6-9 months, and you should be patient with the growth.

Side Effects of Hair Restoration Surgery

There are risks to hair restoration surgery, and you could experience pain, inflammation, bleeding, scarring, folliculitis, permanent shock loss, and infections. Ensure that your doctor understands and explains the side effects properly before undergoing any hair loss restoration process. It could help you have remedies at hand that could help deal with the effects as soon as they manifest to help your scalp heal properly and help the restored hair grow well.

How Much Does Hair Transplants Cost

You could pay about $4,000 per session to get the best hair restoration surgery that helps your hair regrow. The final costs could depend on the extent of the hair transplantation, availability of a hair restoration surgeon near you, the surgical procedure you choose, and the surgeon’s experience. It could help if you discussed the costs with the surgeon before going for the chosen procedure. Additionally, most hair transplant procedures are considered cosmetic, and most health insurance companies might not cover it. You should calculate the entire cost of hair restoration and aftercare medications before deciding on the final procedure.

The Bottom Line

Hair restoration might help restore your confidence after naturally losing hair due to aging or after hair loss from diseases such as alopecia. Hair loss might greatly impact your self-confidence and finding an experienced surgeon who will help restore the hair could help lift your self-esteem. You can choose the best surgical procedure that works well for your condition. It is better to calculate the hair restoration procedure’s cost to help decide on one that is pocket friendly. Moreover, to get the desired hair restoration results, you could need to be patient and allow the hair to regrow back in more than six months.