Taking Care of Your Ears and Hearing


How much do you enjoy listening to music? How important is it that you hear people that you’re talking to clearly? If you answer those questions honestly, then you begin to understand the importance of protecting your ears and your hearing.

A few of the keys to making sure you do this appropriately over time include dealing with earwax, taking hearing tests at regular intervals, knowing when to get a hearing aid, and avoiding excessive loudness over long periods of time. Yes, that may mean you have to start wearing earplugs at concerts or in clubs after a certain age!

Dealing With Wax


Some people are funny about ear wax. They just keep cleaning and cleaning their ears, assuming that their ears will be healthy if all the wax is gone. This is not the case! Yes, you should wash your ears externally, but you should never stick anything in your ear canal. There should be a certain amount of your wax in your ear canal because it protects your ears from dust and debris getting in. The ear is a self-cleaning organism to a large degree, so messing with it can improve your chances of getting an ear infection.

Hearing Tests


Every so often, you should get a hearing test. They aren’t all that expensive and having a professional diagnose any potential hearing problems or issues that you may have can be a significant benefit. If you have holes in your ability to hear the entire frequency spectrum, then you’ll at least be aware of certain situations where you should pay more attention. Especially if you’re in the music industry, you want to know where all those blind spots are in your hearing, so you can figure out how to reverse engineer it to get a fuller experience.

When To Get a Hearing Aid


As you get older, your hearing gets worse. It’s just a fact of nature. And there may come a time when you need to decide whether you want a hearing aid or not. Modern hearing aids are tiny and often very customizable. There’s no shame in having better hearing, and much of the stigma of having a hearing aid has gone the wayside in modern times.

Avoiding Excessive Loudness


The most significant cause of hearing loss is excessive noise. So, if you plan on going to a lot of clubs or a lot of concerts where the music is just screaming at you, it might be time to start thinking about hearing protection. There is a wide range of options for you, and some of the latest technology that is available allows you to still hear the music without losing any frequency response along the way. Some of these units are a little pricey, but they are worth it to protect your ears.