Taking Weight Loss Pills: Why Doesn’t Weight Decrease But Increase



Losing weight successfully, owning a well-proportioned body is the wish of many overweight and obese people. You have consulted many weight loss pills reviews to find a reputable product. But after using, you are frustrated, depressed that despite taking the right amount of weight loss pills but still can’t lose weight, even gain weight. So why are they not effective for you? Here are the reasons.

Choose the wrong weight loss product

The market has many different weight loss products. Choosing the unsafe, non-scientific weight loss pills is one of the causes for your weight loss failure and endangering health. The most common are two groups:

  • Diuretics, detox, laxative: Common symptoms include frequent urination during the day, diarrhea, thirst, dry throat, drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness, headache, nausea, causing electrolyte disturbances, dry and sagging skin. If the body loses 20% of its total water content, it can lead to death.
  • Diet pills that reduce appetite, fat absorption, cause abdominal indigestion, inhibit the nerves: Causing the body to fall into a state of fatigue, dizziness, exhaustion, hypotension, anorexia … even death.

Also, for overweight people with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, hypertension or postnatal women should choose the suitable weight loss pills.

Failure to follow scientific nutrition

Many women think that once we have taken weight loss pills, we can eat anything we want. This is a very wrong concept, is also one of the reasons why your weight gains.

Normally, overweight or obesity is due to over-eating energy-producing nutrients, and also, being lazy causes energy to accumulate in white fat. Therefore, even if you have taken diet pills regularly, but if you don’t have a proper diet, it is difficult to say goodbye to the overweight body.

Workout laziness

Lazy to exercise is the third reason why you failed to lose weight. Weight loss pills work to release excess fat in the body, but it also needs other factors to help it work better.

Besides the fat burning effect, exercising also brings other health benefits such as enhancing blood circulation, improve the elasticity of the joints bone, help increase the body resistance. Therefore, you should spend 30 minutes every day with your favorite sports/workout.

How to use weight loss pills effectively?

With overweight, obese people, weight loss is important and necessary, but also should pay attention to health. You should choose weight loss pills or other types of diet supplements such as phentermine alternative, with a clear origin and safe ingredients. It’s best to consult your doctor before taking any weight loss pills.


Losing weight has never been easy, but once you have lost weight successfully, you will definitely have a happy new life, filled with joy.

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