The Benefits of Including Lamb as Part of a Healthy Diet


Many people have reduced the amount of beef they eat due to health concerns and due to mad cow disease. However, red meat is a good source of protein and, in moderation, is very healthy for you. Fortunately, there is more than one type of red meat you can eat because lamb is also considered a red meat and it may be even healthier than beef.

The Health Benefits of Lamb

Lamb meat is taken from a sheep that is less than one year of age and it can be bought in one of six cuts, including the:

  • Shoulder
  • Rump
  • Best End
  • Breast
  • Loin
  • Leg

Lamb may also be offered as a ground meat for making lamb burgers or to include in sauces. You can find out more about lamb cuts at Though lamb meat is delicate, the right seasonings can bring out its delicious flavour. Here are some of the benefits your body will receive when you add lamb to your diet.


High in Iron

Like beef, lamb is high in the iron your body needs to form red blood cells, which help to distribute oxygen throughout your body. Lamb provides men with 20 percent of the daily allotment of iron they need to remain healthy, while it provides adult women with 12 percent of their daily allotment of iron. In addition, the iron found in lamb is easily absorbed and utilised by your body.

Good Protein Source

Protein helps give our bodies’ energy and helps in building muscle. Eating foods with protein in them, especially lean beef and lamb, can also aid in helping people lose weight or maintain their body weight. Lamb is one of the best sources of protein on the market and it is low in fat, with approximately half the fat in lamb being unsaturated fat.

High in Healthy Zinc

Lamb is a good source for one of the essential minerals your body needs to function properly, zinc. Zinc is vital maintaining your overall health by helping to boost the immune system. You’ve may have heard about taking zinc tablets to help stave off a cold, but it also helps the body heal itself. Lamb has approximately 45 percent of an adult’s daily allotment of zinc, so eating it can help boost your ability to heal and fight off illnesses and disease. It also contains several other minerals like selenium, copper and manganese.

Vitamin B Source

Along with the minerals your body needs to stay healthy, lamb is also an excellent source of B vitamins. These vitamins perform different functions in the body and they are essential for helping the body’s metabolic reactions, including burning fat and food for energy. It is a good source of thiamine, which is B1, B9 or folic acid and it provides 100 percent of an adult’s daily allotment of B12.If you are looking for a healthy food to include in your family’s diet, lamb is an excellent choice due to its many health benefits and its great taste.