The benefits of Penis Enlargement Surgery


Although many men are content with their penile lengths, it is a factor that affects not only their self-confidence inside the bedroom but also several other areas of their lives. With society dictating terms and making the penis a direct representation of a man’s manliness, it is not surprising that a significant number of men would like a little more.

Today, the good news is that thanks to technological advancements and ingenious innovations, enhancing whatever nature gave you is now possible. Penis enlargement surgery is one of the most result oriented methods of penis enlargement available today.

To completely and adequately understand the benefits enlargement surgery offers, you need to know a little bit about several other related factors. These factors include how enlargement surgery works, the different types of surgery available, and the advantages as well as disadvantages of penis enlargement surgery.

Types of Surgery

Penis enhancement surgery to increase the length of a penis

Your penis is much longer than you imagine. In fact, almost one-half of your penis is located inside your body seeing as suspensory ligaments attach the inner penis to your pubic bone. If the enlargement surgery is meant to increase the overall length of your penis, the surgeon will make a horizontal incision in your pubic area. The surgeon then severs the suspensory ligament, which is responsible for keeping the penis in an upward pointing position while erect, at the pubic bone, allowing the inner penis to thrust forward, which results in an elongated penis. This surgery involves zero incisions on the penis itself. The process is similar to severing the sublingual frenulum to allow the outward extension of a greater portion of your tongue from your mouth.

This type of surgery includes complementary procedures such as pubic liposuction and the rectification of a penoscrotal web if necessary. Rectifying of a penoscrotal web deformity also helps to increase the length of a penis. In overweight men, there exists in the public area, a fat pad that usually hides some of the usable penis and more of the penis is exposed by removing fat from this fat pad. In simple terms, the more spare tires you lose, the longer your penis will appear. After surgery, a penis extender will almost always be used to maximize results.

Penis enhancement surgery to increase the girth of a penis

The two techniques to perform a girth increment operation are through dermal fat grafts or dermal matrix grafts. The dermal matrix graft employs a horizontal pubic incision similar to the length enhancement surgery. The material used is human allograft skin, processed through the removal of the epidermal and dermal cells while maintaining the dermis’ extracellular matrix. These matrix sheets are inserted underneath your skin to wrap around the shaft.

The insertion of dermal fat grafts is usually in the same area, which is along the shaft and under the skin. The material used for the dermal fat grafts is fat cells extracted from a donor site, usually around the abdomen. The material is then injected and not inserted, which ultimately amounts to a significantly beneficial relocation of fat cells.

Glanular enhancement surgery

As the name implies, glanular enhancement is a surgical procedure for the glans and is usually performed alongside enlargement surgeries to help maintain penile symmetry. The operation mostly employs the use of a 30-gauge needle to inject hyaluronic acid gel throughout the penile glans. This procedure might not be the most suitable option for you if you have issues with needles.

Pros and Cons

Technological advancement has made today’s surgical procedures quite safe. Due to improved medical practices, medications, and equipment, the chances of something going wrong are quite slim. Although no surgical procedure is 100% safe, complications and side effects rarely occur when it comes to penis enhancement surgery. As with every other major decision in life, it is important to consider both the pros and cons relating to this type of surgery before you can make a final determination.


  • The results are noticeable immediately after surgery for both girth and length enhancement procedures. Even though using a penis extender after surgery maximizes the results for length improvement surgery, you do not have to commit yourself to any lengthy exercise routines to realize the desired results.
  • Penis enhancement surgeries can almost always be outpatient surgical procedures requiring no hospital stay.
  • The resulting larger-sized penis usually boosts a man’s confidence and self-esteem significantly, both inside and outside the bedroom.
  • The outcome of a penis lengthening surgical procedure is not temporal, which means this surgery provides a permanent solution.
  • For the fat dermal graphs, it is possible to harvest fatty tissue from the regions of your body you would like fat reduced.
  • The horizontal incision made when you receive either a dermal matrix graft or a lengthening surgery will remain hidden once your pubic hair grows back.
  • The results provide a renewed sense of sexual potency and masculinity, which considerably improves your overall wellbeing and quality of life.


  • Loss of erectile angle once the suspensory ligament is severed, which might mean having to guide your penis with your hand for intercourse.
  • Scrotalization could happen. In which case, the penis will look like it is coming from the scrotum and not the abdomen’s wall.
  • Skin sloughing might occur, causing an ulcerated area, especially in the case of inadequate blood supply to the presently longer penis.
  • You might find this procedure quite expensive, especially since most insurance plans do not cover this type of surgery because it is an elective cosmetic procedure.
  • There are many potential side effects when it comes to enhancement surgery, including a swelling of the penis, keloid scar at the incision’s site, bleeding, infection or separation of the incision, bruising, reduction in sensation, and erectile dysfunction.
  • Reabsorption by your body of up to 30% of the fat initially injected during the dermal fat graft could happen. Partial, uneven reabsorption might cause the formation of irregular, fatty nodule lumps.
  • Dermal fat grafts can at times feel unnaturally spongy.

• Dog ears could occur at every end of the incision.