The Cushioned Way To A Good Night Sleep!

Beautiful woman lying and sleep on the snowy bed

An oversized pillow which provides the ultimate comfort and relief to a worn out body is gaining popularity these days. Often called as a body pillow, it has been designed in an ergonomic manner with pressure points to eliminate pain in the knees and elbow regions and also the spine area. With increasing levels of stress, humans are falling short on adequate sleep. This is having adverse effects on the human body and giving rise of diseases and disorders. The body pillows are available in varying sizes and shapes and for specific requirements. The uniqueness of these pillows is that they tend to cradle you and prevent toss and turns. It is indeed fascinating and fun to sleep like a log in the secured mattress which functions as a pillow after a hard day’s toil.

Ergonomics and patterns

There are a low of pillows in the market which claim for a ‘good night sleep’, but fail to do so. You need to check your needs and match it to the offerings by these body pillows. There are pillows which are targeted towards pregnant ladies and those which are targeted towards lonely human beings who crave for a hug at night. The pregnancy pillows are mattress sized and can be molded in accordance with your body size. The pressure points are placed at strategic nodes which give support to the back and the tummy. Likewise, orthopedic pillows are suggested by doctors for spinal cord problems and respiratory ailments. There are pillows which come handy as decorative objects in your living room. Do check your room’s size and bed’s size before opting for these pillows. These pillows are heavy and big and tend to occupy a lot of space in your room. It is essential to check for the best body pillows to choose from if you’re planning to buy one for your house.

Features and types to choose from

The best body pillows are usually made of synthetic materials as they don’t degrade in quality upon washing are durable and long lasting. The best shape to opt for is the ‘U’ shaped pillow which comes in varying densities and comfort. For example, the Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Bamboo body pillow is trending this year with its muscle relaxation features. Likewise, the G-shaped comfort body pillow works wonders on pregnant ladies. The unifying pointers of the pillows are the ‘good night’ sleep it provides. You wake up in the morning with a fresh mind and agile body all set to conquer the world. These pillows are also helpful for those who are vulnerable to mattress allergy. These pillows play a two-way role of a mattress and a pillow and cocoon you to sleep. Upon washing the pillows don’t lose their shape and is as good as new. Most of the pillows need to be machine washed at 60 degrees C (140 degrees F) and need to be tumble dried. The temperature at which the pillows are washed reduces the growth of dust mites which can be deadly to your allergic reactions.