The significance of pregnancy kicks


With the kicks inside your stomach you are going to feel that there is a life inside you. It does state the fact that a happiness is growing inside the stomach and would join your anytime. You can measure the kicks with the kick counter for pregnancy. This does mean an emotional connect between both the partners. What it points to the fact that there is a healthy baby growing inside the womb. As per the baby kick monitor there are some interesting facts about baby kicks. Let us go through them in details.

Kicks are going to indicate the normal growth and development of the baby

The kicks of the baby indicate that there is a life inside your stomach. You can easily figure out when the baby is active when they roll, twist and turn. You do go on to feel a flutter when the baby stretches out its limbs. All these movements are going to be all the more distinct once you reach the ending stages of pregnancy.

The kicks of the babies are going to be left when you are lying on the side

If you are sleeping on the side you are going to feel the kicks. It means that the supply of blood increases when you are sleeping on the right or the left side and this would mean improve the movements. The moment a mother sleeps on the side the baby is going to become less active. In fact the moment mothers did sleep on the left or the right side the babies are going to be a lot more active. The moment a mother did go on to change their sleeping position, the baby did go on to chance their activity levels.

You are going to feel the kicks after 9 weeks

When you feel a flutter in the abdomen during the starting stages of pregnancy it would point to baby movements. In fact these movements start taking place during the 7th week of pregnancy. This would be a lot early for the expecting mothers to even feel them. The babies are known to kick after 9 weeks of gestation once they are going to start moving their limbs. The kicks of the baby can be detected with the aid of an ultrasound. Once you reach 24 weeks of gestation the hiccups along with kicks of the baby can be felt at a more even level.

If the kicks reduce it does indicate that the baby is in a sign of distress

Once you go on touch 7 months of pregnancy the doctor would suggest you to keep a track of the kicks of your baby. In a couple of hours the baby is known to kick around 10 times. If there is a reduction in fetal activity it would indicate to an occurrence of distress. The emotional and physical wellbeing of the mother does have an impact on the movements of the baby. Keep walking and drink a lot of water during the day.