The Teeth Expert Near You

Teeth Expert

Madison Family Dental Group is located in Fair Oaks, California. It is headed by the very able Dr. Shiva Salehi, a general dentist and a believer in methodical, conservative dental treatment coupled with compassion and genuine care. Shiva Salehi, DDS, is an expert in all matters concerning teeth and genuine to the core. She has a vast knowledge of experience under her, and she is known for producing the best, better than the rest. Her best work is yet to be done as she is a lovable, caring person, and at her clinic, she takes pride in provider-patient relationships that form a sound basis for service provision.

Services offered

At Madison Family Dental Group, some of the services offered include:

  •       Dental crowns
  •       Dental emergency care
  •       Dental exams
  •       Root canal treatment
  •       Smile makeovers
  •       Teeth whitening
  •       Tooth sensitivity treatment
  •       Jaw pain treatment and much more

Shiva Salehi, DDS, had initially started her career in the computer science field. She realized she was missing out on doing what she loved most and taking care of people because that brought a natural smile to her and the people she served.

One of the most rewarding parts of her work is helping her patients regain fully functional smiles and teeth after installing crowns and bridges. Dr. Salehi has a gentle touch that most patients who have experienced come back for more or refer others to visit her and have their teeth checked out and pain eliminated.

Her clinic was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, so she understands the struggle and challenges that patients are undergoing during this period. That is why she is committed to ensuring that all the work done by her and those under her is in line with the regulations. Cleanliness is up to par and above normal standards to ensure that even when you come for consultations and procedures at the clinic, you are as safe as you are within the confine of your home. Let’s just say it is home away from home!

More about Dr. Salehi

After realizing that she was missing out on human interaction she so much desired, she went back to her hometown and decided to shift her career to the more interactive dental industry.

She completed her medical pre-requisites at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California, and an internship at Stanford University studying blood disorders. Later on, she moved on to the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco. After graduation, Dr. Salehi returned to the university to teach, and she continues to serve as a part-time faculty member to date.

With all these facts, it is proof enough that Dr. Salehi has been tried and tested more so in two industries before she decided to focus on one. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact her clinic and book an appointment today at the first sight or feel of dental problems. Let her take care of your teeth!