Things to know about the Private GP near you

Private GP

Private GP services are available for those who want to make their health care more accessible and efficient. The private GP service is offered by a different companies based in the UK. The service provides those who are registered with it with a personal health care provider that they can see at any time, without having to wait for an appointment.

A GP is a type of healthcare professional that works with people to help them overcome their medical problems. They do not work for the NHS and charge fees for their services.

Treating patients directly, they can offer personalized, continuous care and advice on how to live well with illnesses and diseases. This means they are able to provide a more holistic approach to patient treatment than can be offered by an NHS general practitioner, who would usually only see you when you are unwell.

Treating your whole person, a private GP will consider such factors as diet and exercise, relationships, stress and alcohol intake when developing a treatment strategy tailored to your needs.”

If you are paying privately for a patient to be seen by a GP, you need to understand the situation fully.

A doctor’s practice is not allowed to charge you directly for care, but many still do. This might be because they want to build up a bank account to cover them if an insurer decides against making a payment on behalf of a patient. It could also be because they see private patients as a lucrative way of boosting their income – and their loyalty to the NHS is not necessarily going to stop them from doing this.

Treatments given by GPs in private clinics are subject to the same regulations as those in NHS practices, and the same rules apply about what treatments can be charged for and at what price, so it’s important that both patients and doctors know where they stand.

There are many reasons why you might see a private GP. You may be suffering from a long-term condition, such as high blood pressure, or you may need to manage your weight or stop smoking. You may want to get some tests done that aren’t available on the NHS. Or you may just want fast access and treatment for a minor complaint.

Private GP specialists are to be allowed to treat NHS patients as part of a pilot scheme. Treatment will be given free of charge to patients who choose their doctor, under plans being drawn up by officials at NHS England.

The scheme could see private firms providing services from surgeries and other healthcare centres, although the NHS will retain control over them.

The Department of Health said: “There is nothing new about doctors working in the independent sector.”If patients are happy with their care, there’s no reason for them not to take it up.”