Tips For Avoiding Pain During Your Workout


Sometimes people experience pain during a workout. While the saying goes, “no pain, no gain,” workout pain can be a problem. It’s more of a problem if it happens often or lasts awhile when it does happen. If pain starts keeping you from working out you definitely want to get it checked out.

You also want to consider the fact that you might be doing things wrong if you’re experiencing pain doing a workout. Maybe you’re pushing yourself too hard or maybe you’re using the wrong clothing or equipment. Here are some tips that will hopefully help you workout without pain.

Chest Pains

Old or young, there are chances that working out too intensely could give you a heart attack. This is even more common if you are using energy enhancement drinks and such. If you are older and at a higher risk, you may want to have a medical alert system in your home or on you, just in case.

The Right Gear

If you are suffering pains in your feet or legs, it could be that you are wearing the wrong shoes for your workout. There is a difference between running shoes and walking shoes. If you’re running in walking shoes you don’t have the right support and you could be hurting the nerves in your feet.

Compression gear can help with pains. If you often have ankle or shin pain you may want to try compression socks. If you fight chafing when you run, you may want to invest in some compression shorts to wear under your running shorts or pants.

Yoga Should Never Hurt

If you’re experiencing pain during yoga, you’re doing it wrong. Yoga should not hurt, even when you are doing poses that are new to you. You need to relax as you go into the positions and make sure that you are going beyond what your body can do.

Having some extra yoga gear can help. You might want to get a kit that has the blocks, rope, and maybe even some yoga socks. Take your time getting into the positions and don’t feel bad if you can’t do what someone else is doing. It’s not a competition.

Walk Instead Of Run

If running is hurting you, whether it’s hurting your shins, your knees, or even your hip, maybe you should slow it down. You could try jogging, or you may want to go back to walking. It’s not just about the right gear, but also about building up your body’s tolerance.

The treadmill is a good investment if you want to build up stamina. You can do it in your home, and you may find more free time to hop on the treadmill in your den than coming up with the time to run around the block. Plus, it allows you to keep up your running/jogging even during cold weather or when it’s raining.