Tips for Ideal Vaping Performance


Vaping is the process of inhaling and exhaling the water vapor using an electronic device called vaporizer. The vapor is usually thick than smoke and also dissipates faster in air plus smells wonderful depending on the flavor of e juice used.

Tools Used in Vaping

  • Vaporizers –These are otherwise known as medical marijuana vaporizers, mostly expensive and are used in vape of dry herbs.

Vaporizer consists of a mouthpiece, cartomizer, battery, cartridge, and circuit with a sensor where

  • Cartridge contains eliquid or ejuice,
  • Cartomizer has heating element,
  • Battery is used to generate power,

Mechanism of vaporizer:

When user drag in or inhale on the mouthpiece, the battery ignites and heats up the coil then the eliquid from cartridge gets in contact with the coil and due to high temperature of coil which is above the boiling point of eliquid, it turns into vapor. Therefore, the user then inhales the vapor and exhales with the flavor triggering his taste buds.

The eliquids used are available in many different flavors that may or may not contain nicotine which is highly addictive.

There is no combustion while Vaping on dry herbs because the weed is turned into vapor when in contact with the coil and avoids the harmful compounds getting into lungs but leaves you with the flavor and thereby making it safe when compared to smoking. Make sure to choose the right vaporizer when Vaping on dry herbs for safe vape.

  • E-cigarette – E-cig is an electronic cigarette which is rechargeable and is inexpensive vaporizer which turns eliquid or ejuice into vapor.
  • Vape Mods and Vape Tank –Vape mods are enhanced version of vaporizers with additional features. They can be customized with our preferences of inhaling more flavored vapor reaching throat or inhaling of thick vapor to exhale big plumes or do vaping tricks.

Vape Tanks are one of the important parts of vaping gear or vape mods. Make sure to buy the right vape tank that matches with your vape mods.

The premium is the high end and will suffice for the elite. The regular is most consumed and is affordable. The amount of eliquids required depends on how a regular smoker smokes per da, the number of cigarettes will directly depend on the amount he would consume in a ecigarette initially. The strength and flavour of the e juice play important role. As tastes and preferences defer from person to person. Some like it strong, some mild yet some go along. Depending on the consumers’ tastes the products available varied. Different vape mods are used to perform different tricks.


Though there are various categorisations but it can be safely said there is premium eliquid and regular eliquid. Picking of right vaporizer or tool to perform respective tricks is vital and to be noted. Make sure to disassemble your device ever night, maintain your eliquid, check and replace your batteries and coil and beware of cracking in your device. Get the ideal vaping performance you r looking for with ejuices Happy vaping!