Tips For Maintaining Healthy Skin This Winter


We all know that winter can take its toll on our skin. The cold air and low humidity can really dry out our healthy glow we got from the summer. With holiday season in full swing, and many family gatherings and holiday parties fast approaching, we all want our skin to have a healthy appearance this winter. Here are a few tips to maintaining healthy skin for the winter months ahead.

It All Starts With Your Diet

Your skin is a reflection of what you eat, so make sure you are eating a diet filled with fruits and vegetables. It is also very easy to not drink as much water as you do in the summer, so make sure that you are still hydrating that body and skin of yours during the cold winter months as well. Dr. Robert A. Norman, an osteopathic physician and dermatologist from Florida, explains, “When skin is properly hydrated, nourished with vitamins and exfoliated, it has a radiant glow that is noticeable to you and everyone around you.”

Opt For Warm Water

Though it may be tempting to take a hot shower after getting out of your cold bed, it is good to remember that really hot water can do damage to your skin. Hot water from the shower or from washing your face in the morning can damage the natural oils in our skin, which dries it out. Hot showers can irritate the skin in the form of itchiness, redness, and making the skin overly dry. So when it comes to washing your skin, settle for warm water not hot and avoid showering too long which can dry out your skin even more.

Make Using Skin Care Products A Daily Ritual

Especially in the winter, make sure to apply some type of moisturizer when you get out of the shower before your skin dries. Do research to see what type of moisturizer works well with your skin type and look for important ingredients such as ceramides which help keep your skin from drying out and retaining your skin’s moisture. Finding the right moisturizer for your skin type will make a world of difference when it comes to maintaining healthy skin.

Splurge On A Facial

Your skin will thank you if you spend a little money on yourself this winter and treat yourself to a facial. To treat your dry winter skin, you can either give yourself a facial at home or splurge for a facial treatment from professionals.

Remember that the dry winter air can be horrible for our skin. You want to make sure to eat well and use the right skin care products to nurture your skin. Maintaining a healthy skin care ritual will ensure that your skin will be looking and feeling its best this holiday season.