Tips That Helps You Stay Clean and Sober


When you decide to give up drugs or drinking habits, your life is going to be better. All you need now is support from your family members, friends, and a good plan to manage your stress so that you can reduce the chance of relapse. However, relapse is common and 40 to 60 percent of people relapse at some point in time.

Relapse occurs when a person again starts taking drugs or substances after a period of abstinence. They feel hopeless and feel they cannot stay sober. With the best rehab that offers you tailored programs to meet your needs, you can easily reduce the chances of relapse and achieve sobriety.

Nova Recovery Center is one such popular drug rehab Austin in Texas, that offers Intensive Outpatient Addiction Program (IOP) to support the patients in their transition to recovery and attain sobriety. It is the best place to start the recovery program for yourself or for your loved ones to safely stay sober.

Here are some tips that help to stay sober.

  • Changes are good for you especially when you are struggling to get rid of the past. Avoid contacting friends with whom you used to have drugs. If you have decided to quit drugs then there is no point contacting the drug users. Try to choose new friends who are not using any drugs.
  • Don’t keep alcohol in your house for your guests or friends or for any special occasions. Chances are there that you will lose your self-control.
  • Avoid the places you used to hangout for using drugs. You may remember those days that you celebrated with your friends over drugs. It may trigger, especially in a weak moment, to desire for those days.
  • Take support from your family member or friends. Keep in touch with your sober friends and talk to them in case you are struggling to overcome any situation.
  • Consider joining a rehab center or a sober living house.
  • Don’t miss any of your drug treatment.
  • Find a new route, if there are any bars or any other distractions in your way to work or school.
  • Find some healthy ways to manage your impulses. Indulge in some activities you love, paint, draw, dance, or munch on some healthy snacks.
  • Include some exercise in your daily routine. Exercises make you feel good by releasing essential chemicals in the brain. Also, follow a healthy diet and get better sleep. Stay healthy mentally and physically.
  • Have some fresh air that will help reduce your stress and depression. Keep yourself active to stay away from distractions.
  • Reconnect with your loved ones and try to mend the gap that you once created.
  • Treat yourself every now and then to appreciate your progress.
  • Avoid being lonely. Be with your family members or friends who can support you for a successful recovery. You can also adopt a pet for getting unconditional love.
  • Try a mocktail if in case you need to hold some drink in social situations. No one will notice the difference.

If you are considering rehab choose the right program that suits your needs. With these tips, you will find it easier to achieve your goal.