Top Secrets to Get a Perfect Bikini Wax All the Time


The bikini is one of the most sensitive and hard to reach areas of the body that require regular waxing. You may feel some pain during the process but you will have a very comfortable feeling after you are done. Here are some tips that you can use to get a perfect bikini wax during each session.

  1. Choose the Right Spa

The best way to protect yourself from any adverse effects of a wax-gone-wrong is to undertake the exercise at a parlor where waxing is the only thing they do. Don’t allow the same person to do your facial, massage, and bikini waxing because he expert my not have the right experience in all these fields. Make an upfront site visit so that you can be sure there is an individual wax warmer and sink that are sanitized and emptied between clients in every room. The waxing professional must wash her hands before she can apply the wax on your bikini area and should not double dip the applicator in the wax that she has specially prepared for your treatment. You can click this link for the best waxing deals in the region. Hygiene is important because it will prevent any form of infections penetrating into this sensitive area.

  1. Keep the Appointment off Your Periods

Suppose you book an appointment then you discover that you have your periods? Most women are more sensitive to pain when they are in their periods. Some professionals will still wax during your periods especially if you don’t have painful ones. There is no problem with this as long as you are comfortable with it. However, it is wise to keep your appointment on a day when you are not having periods. A waxing session that does not come with some little pain means that the hair did not get out. However, professionals will always find ways of trying to minimize this pain as much as possible.

  1. Speak Up

Most women complain that they can still see some strays after the waxing is over. One of the reasons could be that body hair grows in cycles and it could not have been long enough to be removed in a single session. Therefore, you cannot always blame the waxing expert in all these instances. Be observant at the end of each session and ask the professional to remove any unwanted hair that is still on your bikini area. As a customer, you have an obligation to inspect the job that has been done and make sure that all is well before you get out.

  1. Play Safe 24 Hours After the Treatment

Pores will remain open after ripping of the hair for the next 24 hours. Therefore, avoid hopping in a hot tub or pool as this may bring debris and chemicals to the skin. However, you can have sex, workout, and wear anything you feel most appropriate for you. There is no need to change your whole schedule after waxing.