Tricks Used by the Best New York Jungian Analyst


Carl Jung was of the view that in each of us resides another self which we are rarely aware of. This other us speaks to us through our dreams and tells us about how he sees us differently from the way we see ourselves. This other side comes in front of us when we are struggling in our personal or professional lives and gives us a point of view entirely different from that of ours. The wisdom of the psyche can actually surprise us by providing a fresh perspective and a different solution for our problem(s).

Jungian analysis is a practice of psychotherapy which works wonders in dealing with the difficult issues which otherwise are hard to combat. Loss of motivation, constant stress, transitions, self-destruction, destructive behaviors, and a significant loss in life are some of the things which can be dealt with the help of Jungian analysis.

The Therapies Used by New York Jungian Analysts

Following are the various methods which are commonly used by the New York Jungian analyst and work effectively on all the subjects.

Dream Analysis

According to the Jungian belief, dreams are a hint of what the unconscious self is trying to say to any human being. One gets to know about a variety of subjects and even his own self from a different perspective. This includes ego information, constructive criticism, and even some kind of advice from an altogether different perspective which challenges our own ego to consider this different point of view.

The ultimate goal is to compensate for any attitude or behavior which might be the cause of any problem in the personal, professional, or spiritual life of a person. The analysis of the dreams helps in realizing what the subconscious is trying to tell us and helps in transformation of the psyche based on the analysis of symbols which are inferred from the dreams. This has to be one of the most commonly used therapies by the New York Jungian Analysts.

Word Associations Test

This test involves the recording of the client’s reaction to a certain stimulus, particularly words, in a definite period of time. This includes the client saying whatever comes to his mind when he hears a certain word. The response time can be utilized to indicate certain unconscious complexes which have been activated in response to certain words. This aids in getting the idea about the problem words which, in turn, helps in reaching the root cause of the problem which might be causing a disturbance in life.

Creative Activities

Immersing oneself into creative activities helps in realizing the inner strengths and hidden talents which otherwise might be suppressed because of the pressure of social or moral values. The act of self-expression leads to the clients to become familiar with oneself and to activate their imagination. These activities might include painting, listening to music, drama, dance, and dream journaling.

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