Veneer Procedures to Help Smile Better, Rediscover Your Smile and Self-Esteem


Do you feel embarrassed every time you smile or have you had to use your hands to cover your teeth when talking? If your answer is yes, then you need to consider veneers. The dental structures help restore your smile much faster than any other dental procedure. Your Chandler veneers provider redefines your smile using modern treatment procedures. Get your dreams to smile with a veneer procedure offered by Dr. Rich Higgs.

How can veneers help improve your smile?

Modern veneers have that porcelain touch that makes them resemble natural teeth. You can have either the porcelain type or quality ceramic to give your teeth that bright look. Veneers do not require extensive dental procedures but go on top of your natural teeth like a cover. In most cases, a veneer will replace your natural teeth to provide that satisfactory look. Aquila dental has in place the tools and the right skills to place veneers that ultimately change the way you relate with other people.

What to expect during a veneer placement procedure?

Dr. Higgs offers the structures in at least two appointments. Your first appointment will involve a close examination of your teeth. Dr. Higgs does this by using special tools to examine the teeth that need change. The procedure begins with removing a small amount of enamel on top of your teeth, the same size as the veneers.

Dr. Higgs then takes images of your teeth and sends them to a separate lab to examine and create new veneers that will transform your mouth. Aquila Dental will provide you with temporary dental structures before the custom made ones arrive in about 14-21 days. You will have to attend an in-office session with your dentist for fitting.

Dr. Higgs takes time to ensure the veneers fit correctly. You will even have a place to check whether the veneers fit your description before going back home. The color, shape, and sizes of the veneers must correctly match those of your teeth before they can form a permanent mark in your mouth. A special dental cement will help hold your veneers in place permanently.

Veneers are special dental products due to their many benefits. You will benefit from brighter teeth and a comfortable mouth. Additionally, veneers do not require special treatment while in your mouth and you can treat them as you do your natural set of teeth.

What are the benefits of no-prep veneers?

No-prep veneers are ideal for those people who fear advanced medical procedures, as they do not involve drills or removal of natural enamels. However, just like other veneers, no-prep structures also last for a long time. The veneers have a small thickness and go directly on top of your teeth to offer that brighter and more fulfilling look.

Are you in need of a mouth makeover? Then look for the services at Aquila Dental for that redefined look. Book online or make a phone call to get your new look.