Wearing Hearing Aids the Fun and Convenient Way


For most people, learning that they need a hearing aid is nothing exciting but since today’s hearing aids are smaller and more comfortable than they’ve ever been, there is simply no need to be apprehensive about wearing them. Most hearing aids now are extremely effective and allow you to hear from several yards away; because they are so small, they are sometimes barely noticeable by the outside world. Of course, if you are still self-conscious about wearing a hearing aid, you can always purchase a pair of eyeglasses with hearing aids attached to them, which are perfect for people who wear glasses on a daily basis but who don’t want both glasses and hearing aids to get in the way of their daily lives.

Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids?

Many people have never heard of this combination, but a lot of hearing aid companies offer hearing aids that can be attached to your eyeglasses and these are even less noticeable than the regular hearing aids available today. There are two basic types of hearing aids for glasses. One is known as the air conduction method and involves tiny microphones that pick up the sounds around you, which are then transmitted and amplified through a thin tube placed in your ear. The other is the bone conduction method and involves vibrations that are delivered to the bone behind your ear, thanks to a small device that attaches to your existing eyeglasses. Both of these methods work exceedingly well and the companies that offer these hearing aid spectacles in London work closely with their clients to make sure that you get the method that works best for you.

Which One Should You Choose?

The type of hearing aid glasses you get depends on the level and type of hearing loss you have as well as your existing lifestyle. Only qualified hearing experts can determine which one would work best for you so it is good to allow them to examine you thoroughly so that they can make the best recommendation. With both of these methods, your hearing sounds more natural and because the size of the hearing aids is so small, they are also very discreet methods. Most customers are very pleased with the sound that they hear through these eyeglasses and being able to attach their hearing devices directly onto their eyeglasses makes the fact that they need these devices a lot more tolerable.

Hearing loss is never something to be ashamed of or embarrassed by and the good news is that hearing aids are now smaller and more effective than they have ever been. Not only can you hear better with them than you could in the past but they are much less noticeable as well. Whether you choose a regular hearing aid or one that is attached to your eyeglasses, it is good to know that you will be getting your hearing back again very soon and that you will soon be saying, “what did you say?” a lot less often.