What Led To the Growth and Development of Jeunesse Global?


Two decades ago, Jeunesse Global hit the market; the company is privately owned and headquarters are located in Florida, Altamonte Springs. Randy Ray and her wife, Wendy Lewis, founded the company; both are acting CEOs and they have both been conscientious for the company’s growth, success, and development over the years.

Essentially, the company was initially established as a worldwide MLM company dedicated to the distribution and production of anti-aging products. Ultimately, when talking about enrollment opportunities it should be said that the starter-kit, which is obligatory for all members, costs $29.95; restitution fee on the starter-kit is $19.95 (although depending on Commission Volume the renewal fee may be relinquished). Now, in what concerns authentic product packages, Jeunesse Global offers diverse options, ranging from $199.95 to $1,724.

What Are The Jeunesse Global Products?

Jeunesse Global is in the business of assisting individuals look more beautiful and younger; the company is in the trade of offering anti-aging cosmetics. However, Jeunesse’s products are not commonplace anti-aging cosmetics; they have a circumference that separates them from the rest, and it is this what has eventually led to the company’s unmatched success.

The company, with the aid of a technology called “Stem Cell Lift” (pioneered by Dr. Nathan Newman, who is Jeunesse’s principal associate in product development) has turn up with two lines of anti-aging products: Reserve and Luminesce Collection. In case you are wondering what distinguishes Jeunesse products from other analogous products available in the market, it is specifically the “Stem Cell Lift” technology that has already been mentioned.

This ground-breaking technology, which can only be found on Jeunesse products, helps in increased moisture, skin hydration, firmness, and luminosity; some of the company’s products even help in an increased metabolism, improved digestion, and a stronger immune system.

The Jeunesse Global Business Opportunity

After reviewing Jeunesse’s track record it becomes copiously lucid that the company is an exceptional business opportunity. First of all, the corporation has done a huge job in selecting its target market; increased sales have transformed to commissions in excess of 77 million dollars, therefore making the company the MLM with the most rapid development ever. Up until now, the company has formed more than 15 millionaires, and as sales go on to soar it becomes copiously clear that anyone interested in starting his or her own industry would do well to go with Jeunesse Global.

The debate about the use of stem cell as a constituent is the source of the ingredients of Jeunesse Global. Laboratory testing and experiments started with the use of embryonic cells, then adult skin cells. At the moment stem cells are being harvested from plants, but the name stem cells have been stained with the belief that the formula involves using embryonic cells. As expected, there are lots of unfavorable opinions about stem cell harvesting from human embryos. Moral concerns or not, the astonishing results of stem cell technology during in vitro studies showed wonderful positive results in lines and wrinkle healing.