What Should Patients Expect When They Visit an Emergency Dentist?

Emergency Dentist

Dental emergencies occur anytime for any reason you can’t even imagine. Unfortunately, many people usually lose control of the situation, which leads to irreversible consequences. For helping people not to lose their teeth healthy and protect their oral health, emergency dentistry has improved daily in technology and science aspects. Emergency dentistry is a field of dentistry specialized to handle more difficult and stressful situations in which there is a high chance of losing one or more teeth. By the way, many people aren’t aware, especially older people. Pursuant to what a Toronto emergency dentist says, the percentage of people age 80 or older visiting an emergency dentist is less than 3%. You probably can contact an emergency dentist whenever you confront a severe dental emergency and don’t know what to do. Besides dental emergencies, which need an immediate call with an emergency dentist, you may want to visit an emergency dentist with a previous appointment and plan. If you ever have decided to do that, there are essential points to know before visiting your emergency dentist that understanding them can significantly help you not be surprised.

Expect an emergency dental exam: emergency dental examinations are entirely different from regular ones. When a general dentist examines your oral condition, the main focus is on your general health, and your dentist observes various structures like your teeth, gums, soft tissues, etc. But in an emergency examination, the main focus is on finding the leading cause of dental emergency to determine the best way of treatment. Also, your previous treatments and dental problems may be discussed with your emergency dentist before the examination.

Expect to be penciled in: you rarely find an emergency dental clinic that maintains time and appointments just as they should be. For the emergency dentist, the intensity of dental emergencies is more important than the order of appointments, so it’s possible to see a patient who visits the emergency dentist sooner than you, even without an appointment. So you probably will be penciled in if you face a dental emergency that needs to be immediately checked. But in less severe dental emergencies, you probably need to wait until your turn.

Expect to be numb by dental sedation and anesthetics: depending on the type of your dental emergency, your emergency dentist may make you completely cool by using dental anesthetics. You may not even experience a painful dental emergency, but your emergency treatment process may require local anesthetics according to your dentist’s diagnosis. Also, these step of dental emergencies is used when the patient is intensively stressed and even children and can’t handle the situation.

Expect your medical history to be asked: all emergency dentists need to be aware of their patients’ medical history. Your medical history is necessary to be checked if your emergency dentist wants to prescribe you a particular medicine to prevent further problems and sensitivity.

Remember, emergency dentists can be a fantastic help while you face dental emergencies, but before that, you need to learn how to control the situation until you can visit your dentist. You can ask your emergency dentist to guide you professionally!