What should Women know to keep their Hearts Healthy?

Hearts Healthy

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women. According to research, in every five females diagnosed with heart diseases, one may die. Statistics show that 56% of women admitted because of heart diseases die annually. It is a suggestion from heart specialists that women should take care and have frequent check-ups and diagnoses.  Conditions that may lead to heart complications include blockage of blood vessels, diseased valves, and abnormal heartbeats. Book an appointment with Upper East Side women’s heart health specialists for the diagnosis and check-ups for heart disorders.

Things women should know to keep their hearts healthy

There are many things that may count to keep your heart in good condition. Some these things include:

  •   Frequent check-ups. Every woman is at risk of getting heart disease. Studies show that women with factors like pregnancy, diabetes, and other health conditions are likely to be affected more. A woman should have at least three heart check-ups every year. Additionally, no woman should hesitate to visit the doctor any time she feels abnormal body behaviors.
  •   Eat a balanced diet. After menopause, many women suffer hormonal destruction. Since your body is trying to adopt the new state, you can find yourself developing heart problems. A balanced diet may help you to overcome the changes.
  •   Have an electrocardiogram test. An electrocardiogram helps your doctor to notice when heart problems can occur. Your doctor will test your electric heart activities while at work and when resting.
  •   Avoid stress and depression. Women are affected by stress and depression more than men. During the depression, your heartbeats may change, leading to high or low blood pressure. Conditions related to depression and stress can affect your heart severely.

There are factors that may threaten your healthy heart. These factors are mostly health problems revolving around the circulatory system and lifestyle choices. Below are examples of the risk factors.

Risk factors threatening your healthy heart

They include:

  1. High blood pressure. Hypertension occurs when your blood vessels narrow, making your heart use more pressure to pump the blood. High blood pressure is prevalent in older women than younger women.
  2. Pregnancy. Pregnancy is a condition that can be life-threatening. Blood pressure is likely to occur during pregnancy, and it can cause heart problems. Gestational diabetes during pregnancy can lead to heart problems.
  3. Hormonal change. Women’s hormones usually change during stress, pregnancy, and menopause. A woman is likely to suffer heart problems like a heart beating faster and a change in blood pressure during these times.
  4. Overweight and obesity. Women are severely affected by weight. Obesity can increase the amount of fat in your blood vessels, causing blood circulation problems. Once you develop blood circulation problems, heart problems may arise.

It is your responsibility to keep your heart healthy. However, there are many things you can do to keep your heart free from complications, such as exercising, having check-ups, and avoiding stress. For any medical assistance, the Upper East Side Cardiology center is the best you can visit for the diagnosis of heart diseases.