What to Ask your Eye Doctor Before Having Your Lasik Surgery in Singapore


There are so many people who are only in their 20s and who have been wearing vision correcting glasses all their lives. Imagine, they have spent their childhood wearing corrective glasses, and have only looked on in awe of other individuals who have 20/20 vision. If you are one of these people, then you must have thought about having Lasik surgery at one time or the other. Singapore is one of the world’s most popular destinations to have this eye procedure done, and for good reasons. They have the best medical professionals and the best clinics. One of them is W Eye Lasik Surgery Clinic Singapore. However, surgery is without its own set of risks. Even with the promising benefits of eye Lasik surgery, it is a must for each potential patient to ask these questions from the doctor.

What is your experience in performing Lasik eye surgery? There are plenty of eye surgeons who would offer their expertise in Lasik eye surgery. Most of these paper credits are exactly just that, paper credits. They might have been schooled well on Lasik surgery, but to minimize the risks, you need to look for a surgeon with years of experience. At W Eye Clinic Singapore, you won’t be disappointed. If you are to have an operation on your eye, you can be assisted by more than one eye surgeon. This depends on the gravity of your problem. The more experienced doctor will lead the procedure, with the less experienced ones getting more experience as they assist. You will not be made a guinea pig of any new doctor’s first experience in the operating table. The clinic values patient care, and eye surgeries are taken very seriously.

Have you ever operated on family members or any other doctor? Vision is very important for doctors, and a capable surgeon would have been entrusted with the vision correction of a colleague. The same goes for someone who has been tasked to do a relative’s Lasik eye surgery. While there are plenty of capable surgeons out there who have never done this procedure on their colleagues and their relatives, it always pays to ask this question because the moment that you do find an eye surgeon with this much experience, you can then ask the next question: how successful were you? From there, you can assess if the surgeon was truly a gem, or if he was just a big risk taker. You can ask this question at W Eye Clinic Singapore.

How viable am I, and what are the risks of the procedure? A good doctor will always show you both sides of the coin. At least, that is how things are done in W Eye Clinic. Good doctors know that patients are more like partners in any medical procedure. All the risks and benefits of the procedure have to be explained clearly so they can make a sound decision. Viability for the procedure is also an issue. Not everyone is a good candidate for Lasik surgery, and the patient needs to be cleared before the procedure is done. If you would like to know if you are a viable candidate for Lasik eye surgery, contact WEyeClinic.sg now and book for a consultation.

W Eye Clinic Singapore is not just known for the best LASIK surgery in Singapore but is also known for providing the best individual care to answer the unique needs of patients.